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    Thumbs up Fresh Lychee Sugar

    Today I went walking with my friend down Madison Ave. We stopped by the Fresh store, as I wanted to try Cannabis Santal, and then the SA started assailing us with info about all their products. He gave us some sprayed strips of Lychee Sugar, a new scent by Fresh that to me was a dead ringer for a mojito served on a 75 degree day in South Beach. I was a really fresh, effervescent scent that had a delightful quality to it.

    From the Fresh website:
    Sugar Lychee sparkles with delicate citrus, juicy lychee, bright grapefruit and transparent lotus flower, and warms with undertones of tonka bean and amber.
    • top: Grapefruit, Italian Lemon, Lime Blossom
    • heart: Lychee, Lotus Flower, Freesia
    • base: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber

    Maybe it was the Lime Blossom that had me thinking "mojito." Anyway, it had decent longevity. I would definitely wear this in Spring, or on vacation. Anyone else tried it?
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    Default Re: Fresh Lychee Sugar

    I havent even heard of it, but your review sounds really promising!
    Since Im a big fan of Sugar, I sure have to test it as soon as I get a hold of it.

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    Default Re: Fresh Lychee Sugar

    I tested this EDP at Sephora and loved it at first whiff. Very fresh, fruity and sweet. A nice realistic fruit sweet. This will probably be my HG. There was a boxed set with a small lotion and a soap bar, but lotion was very disappointing. I was quite disappointed by the Fresh pink jasmine very artificial smelling.

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    Default Re: Fresh Lychee Sugar

    I hadn't heard of it yet, but it does sound good. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Fresh Lychee Sugar

    I was lucky enough to be able to try this at the FRESH counter in HK. Fresh Lychee Sugar is addictive, and to echo with Mochi's description, it does has this lychee mojito quality.

    I also found another scent quite similar to Lychee Sugar but at a more affordable price. It is the Lucky No. 6 by Luck Brand. The opening is more leafy than Lychee Sugar. Here is the notes from osmoz:
    Top notes : Tigerlily, Peony, Lotus Leaf
    Middle notes : Jasmine Tea, Lychee
    Base notes : Liquid Amber, Casheran, Musk

    I like both of them, I find Lychee Sugar has better staying power and more sugary like a lychee liqour. Whereas Lucky no. 6 smells more like a scented white tea with a few pieces of lychee.

    Let's see what is available at the bar

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    Default Re: Fresh Lychee Sugar

    I just picked up a free 7.5 mL sample of this at my local Fresh store--if you live near one you should ask them about it! They also had a 30 mL free if you spent $100 (which I was way too cheap to do). I was all set not to like this, after hating Pink Jasmine. It's not terribly complex or original, just a super-fun, light fragrance; a mojito is a great analogy. It has the same lemony-sweet base as the other Sugars, but is less overpowering, and has some light musk in addition to the fruit, which deepens it enough so that it's not pure fruit cocktail.

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    Default Re: Fresh Lychee Sugar

    I am wearing this today - just bought a small purse sample off Ebay...WOW! Chandler Burr was right on about this - really nice stuff.

    It smells like really good lemonade mixed with a rock candy smell (you know that rock candy that they sell on a stick, that's pink and blue...). It's still going strong on my skin for about 3 hours now which I didn't expect.

    Very happy scent that I will be wearing a lot this summer.

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