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    Default Looking for a subtle mens scent

    I am looking for a subtle mens scent that is barely noticeable and not in your face smell, something that is very subtle. I am not interested in the Gendarme, TM Cologne, Clean for Men group. Also not looking for any of the citrusy scents or fruity candy scents.

    There has to be a nice, light...non cloying scent out there that can be worn for all occasions.

    I really am having a hard time trying to find something that will work.

    Any suggestions? Please no Rive Gauche.
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    Default Re: Looking for something subtle...

    l'Antimatiere is about as sutble as could be, and a great perfume if you ask me.
    Also, you may want to try all-natural perfumes, as these stay closer to the skin and meld with your body chemistry, so they tend to be more subtle. You can find links to most of the natural perfume houses on
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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    Christian Dior Dune pH

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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    You seem to be seeking the emperor's new clothes. A scent that doesn't smell like anything, but still smells good. A clean you, only better? Chemistry is going to play a role here. L'Antimatiere is not a bad suggestion, but on me it did literally smell like almost nothing. I'd suggest a fragrance you like and just apply a tiny amount, or find something very diluted, like Antonio Puig Brummel, which is pleasant enough, but doesn't have enough sillage to trigger a single olfactory receptor protein at more than a foot or two. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    I would recommend Bulgari pour homme.

    It keeps to itself, but it has character. Sillage is very mild, but longevity is good. It's not necessarily a 'clean' scent, as it contains no citrus. It works for all seasons and places.


    white musk

    There are more notes, but these are what you'll notice. This is my go-to scent when I'm tired of my stronger frags.

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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    Quote Originally Posted by greyhueofdoubt
    Bulgari pour homme
    I second this recommendation.

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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    L'artisan navegar

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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    Burberry Touch

    Top Notes
    Violet, Mandarin,

    Middle Notes
    Pepper, Virginia Wood, Oakmoss,

    Base Notes
    Vetiver, White Musk, Tonka Bean,
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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    CDG Odeur 53

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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    Second the CDG 53 and raise the pot with Clinique Chemistry.

    top: citrus
    heart: jamaican ginger
    base: amber

    It lasts quite a long time but wears sexily close to the skin.
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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    I agree with those who suggest Bulgari PH.....

    I also toss in the YSL Homme.. very very light and "decent".


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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    Prada Man aka Amber pour homme....
    almost a women's fragrance with elements and hints of masculinity...
    super light and like a baby after a bath...
    it clean smelling of course....sleek bottle...good price...
    best description would my opinion...
    the color of the perfume itself (pale purple) adds to the lightness....
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    Default Re: Looking for a subtle mens scent

    I would have to caution against Odeur 53. It is very much in the category that the OP wants to avoid; i.e., clean, gendarm-ish, etc.

    It is not citrusy, but it is... well, it's weird. I would not buy that huge 4.5 oz bottle blind (again ).

    O-53 dries down to the smell of a woman's unwashed hair. YMMV.

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