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    Default My SMW could be fake, request for images!

    After reading over the large topic we have on the boards about fake Creeds, I brought mine near the computer for a comparison and was heart-broken to find that my bottle featured some of the markings of a fake. The cap seems cheap and is one-piece plastic, I have the Arabic and Creed family sheets only (no other languages printed), the nozzle doesn't have a "quality" spray to it and fits almost awkwardly on the bottle, no date, and there are several misspellings on the back of the box. Boo.

    I called my mom to ask who sold the item to her, and she didn't know right away (she was not at home), so I'm waiting on that. Instead, she was able to inform me of how she sat at home for three days just make sure she outbid everyone at any cost - and kept referencing her jubilation that she was able to get me "the best thing I've ever smelled at a price I can afford!" Humph.

    Another kicker is that the smell is really good. There was mention in the fake GIT topic that the fake juice might as well have been Cool Water, but there is no mistaking SMW for anything else. The lasting power isn't very good, and the "pen ink" note isn't as strong as I've experienced through samples, but the Creed note is in full effect. I wore this earlier today before further inspecting the bottle, and actually received a compliment on it! I was so pleased over the price, scent, and response, but now that I think it could be fake I'm very bummed about the whole situation.

    I want to post some pictures to share with everyone, but Photoshop is having some issues importing images from my digital camera. If someone could post or PM me some pictures of their bottle/box for me to compare, I would greatly appreciate it!

    My plan, if it is a fake, is to get the information I need for E-Bay and handle the situation myself. It almost hurts me to imagine my mother's time, effort, and joy going towards a phony product, and I don't want that to come to light. Although I think it might be fake, the smell is still pretty good! The lasting power is poor - it almost seems to develop in fast-forward, but all the notes, including the Creed house note, are present and distinguished. I'm stumped.

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    Default Re: My SMW could be fake, request for images!

    Sourced from Creed's website:

    I'm not sure I can comment quality wise, but these threads might give you some insight

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    Default Re: My SMW could be fake, request for images!

    I've read your recent posts re: fake Creed. In recent months I have bought 2 bottles of SMW on ebay. One from "aromantik" who is no longer registered on ebay and one from "double_value" who is still selling SMW. I paid about $50 a bottle for each - of course a super cheap price. Both bottles look suspicious - poor paint job, crooked sprayers, cheap caps, and words spelled wrong. But both colognes smell fantastic, and they also smell identical (at least as far as MY nose can distinguish) to a sample of SMW that I bought from a believed trusted source. Having said all that...I'm not one who likes to be duped...and I do enjoy a crusade for a noble cause every once in a while...BUT...of the 70 plus colognes in my cabinet this SMW is my FAVORITE...and picking a second favorite would be hard. Whether the SMW is genuine or fake I don't know but one thought I had is "if this stuff is fake I can probably live with that...all things considered".

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    Default Re: My SMW could be fake, request for images!

    I really don't believe that anyone that receives a fake Creed, regardless of whether it smells good or not, should accept this.

    Sale of adulterated and/or stolen goods across state lines is a federal crime. Receipt of a Creed product that is obviously not in authentic packaging is sufficient grounds for complaint to eBay and/or Paypal. You don't even need to try it on!

    One of my biggest concerns is this: a buyer has a particular allergy to some component, say vanillin, and would never knowingly buy it, but is sold a fake and their allergic reaction to it is anything from mild to serious.

    btw, did you ever receive any images of SMW packaging and/or bottles? The images for Green Irish Tweed were really helpful.

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