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    Default Gucci Rush and Azzaro Visit

    Are these two scents similar? Do they belong to the same scent family?

    I own Visit and I'm beginning to like this, but can't find Rush (seems it's not available here).

    If not, what scent would be closer to Rush?

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    Default Re: Gucci Rush and Azzaro Visit

    well angeliques sous la pluie of frederic malle. look for rush on makeupalley or ebay!

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    Default Re: Gucci Rush and Azzaro Visit

    Thanks, but I'm still not sure if I want to do this effort just to get Gucci Rush. I would like a comparison between Visit and Rush. Are they completely different stuff?

    By the way, I also own a sample of Gucci pour Homme (which I find intriguing), and I can feel some common points with Visit (which seems darker/harder than GPH). Nevertheless, never smelled Rush.

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    Default Re: Gucci Rush and Azzaro Visit

    Visit deviates from Rush with the Pink Pepper note which makes the scent "sharper" and "jagged". Rush is smoother and more "milkey". I think Gucci PH may be closer to Visit than to Rush. I own all three, and they are all spectacular. My current fav of three is Rush.
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    Default Re: Gucci Rush and Azzaro Visit

    Now I see how many times this subject was discussed before here. Even so, seems to be a controversial and recorrent theme, and I'm satisfied with my Visit so far, concerning to woods.

    I can only compare it to Gucci pour Homme, and Visit seems to be even more rewarding to my taste.

    In fact, my prevous complaint on Visit was I found it very cedary. If Rush is more cedary (as pointed at other threads), one more reason to stick with Visit.

    And after I found out it is another Annick Menardo, I'm becoming a fan...

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