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    Lightbulb Vaporscents: Fragrances That Never Made It To Market

    Well, there's a tech industry term for tech products that were never released or had seen multi-year delays. The term: vaporware.

    The fragrance industry has had its fair share of vaporware... I mean vaporscents, too. Here's two fairly recent examples to start out with.
    • Helmut Lang Vetiver (for men). The natural successor to Curion, this was supposed to be a modern take on vetiver, just like Curion was a modern take on leather. However, Helmut Lang and P&G were at the end of their ropes of their rocky relationship, so it never saw the fragrance counters of Saks or Neiman Marcus.
    • Revlon Flair (for women). Drugstore cosmetics manufacturer Revlon was supposed to have re-entered the department store fragrance market with this chypre by now. However, facing massive losses, Revlon got new management, who immediately scrapped the (already-delayed) project.
    Any other examples of vaporscents?
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    Default Re: Vaporscents: Fragrances That Never Made It To Market

    Maybe the "numbered" chanels make it into this category.

    There were numerous samples made for Mselle Chanel that went from "No1" to "No5" and from "No20 to No24" and other "numbers" (No31 sold at an auction back in 98) .
    The numbers 11, 14, 20 ,24 made it briefly into the regular production -as proven by very old chanel catalogs- but behaved more like limited editions and were withdrawn quickly.
    There was talk for No1 and others to go into wide production but they never saw the life of day and M.Chanel ended up rejecting most of them for Chanel No5, wich the final product had not even the same formula as the No5 sample created for her.

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    Default Re: Vaporscents: Fragrances That Never Made It To Market

    How interesting. I've always been really impressed with Lang's Cuiron (I still think it is one of the best designer scents ever) so I'd be interested to see what he would have done with Vetiver.

    Perhaps now that Lang has been purchased by a new company, they'll try and revive the fragrances? Personally, I'd love to see Cuiron re-launched in a more concentrated version (as much as I love it, the EDC concentration just disappears in an hour).
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    Default Re: Vaporscents: Fragrances That Never Made It To Market

    i haven't even seen any helmut lang fragrances...
    well i know: helmut lang and curion....but not physically..
    i hate missing out on things!
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