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    Default Suggestions please?

    Would like a fragrance recommendation for a youthful 50-something woman for everyday (casual) use.


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    Default Re: Suggestions please?

    Welcome to the Basenotes, sd1207. Hope you will find it a friendly and cosy place to stay, and please hide away the credit card, every one of us is an enabler!

    The answer to your question is not simple: half of the Basenotes Directory would work, I am afraid. What fragrances do you like in general? What resulted in positive comments from your loved ones? From strangers? What you'd rather avoid in a scent?

    Having said this, my advice is always the same: back to the classics! Chanel, Guerlain, Patou, Molinard, the list is endless.

    Please comment.
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    Default Re: Suggestions please?

    Thanks for the welcome and for the advice!

    I've always loved Chloe, First by Van Cleef & Arpels, Anais Anais, and L'Air du Temps. I've tried to keep up with certain trends, but for some reason I'm stuck where fragrance is concerned!!

    I'm a work-at-home mom of 2 teenagers, so I don't really need to worry about something appropriate for an office...I just like to smell nice for me!

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    Default Re: Suggestions please?

    I am, like you a 50-something Mum of two teenage boys. I can only tell
    you what I favour as everyday scents, although you would not necessarily
    like them too. I suggust you have a sniffathon and see what's out there.My suggestions would be:
    Cristobal (Balenciaga)
    Eau Dynamisante (Clarins)
    Roma (Laura Biagiotti)
    Shalimar Light
    Cristalle (Chanel)
    Allure (Chanel)
    Cinema (YSL)

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    Smile Re: Suggestions please?

    Hi sd1207, partly based on the scents you've listed as liking already I'd like to suggest:
    24 Faubourg (Hermes) - orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood.
    Chanel No 19 - bergamot, narcissus, ylang ylang.
    Flower By Kenzo - rose, violets, musk.
    Sensi (Armani) - lime, jasmine, vanilla.
    I'm not so clued up on trends myself, I just go for whatever my nose likes!

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    Default Re: Suggestions please?

    Welcome to the board from another 50-something:

    1000 - Patou
    Sublime - Patou
    Joy - Patou (the edp is rich, but the edt is nice for a daytime scent)
    Boucheron (my favorite floriental of the moment)
    Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle
    Parfum Sacre - Caron

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    Default Re: Suggestions please?

    A trip to the perfume counter is a must, I believe. To sniff as many as you can stand chewing on coffee beans in-between, to buy none to only return three days later and buy just one, the one you can't live without. Consequent monthly trips to different retailers (including your favorite drug stores!) plus Basenotes Fragrance 101 crash course would be of help, too. Try to set a limit, say, anywhere 10--60 dollars per month, and if there are months that you did not buy any perfumes, the amount will be applicable to the next month. Please spray/dab onto your skin, the paper strips (their proper name is "mouillette", did I get this one correctly today? ) will not give you a true impression.

    May I add the following to the fine suggestions above?
    -- Pierre Balmain Ivoire (recently spotted at Marshall's and TJMaxx for a very attractive price of $16.99/100ml);
    -- Guerlain Jardin de Bagatelle and AA Foliflora;
    -- Marc Jacobs;
    -- Donna Karan Cashmere Mist;
    -- Elizabeth Arden Green Tea;
    -- Lancome Miracle;
    -- Burberry Weekend;
    -- Guy Laroche Fidji.
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    Default Re: Suggestions please?

    Hi and welcome!

    I'm forty-something and I definitely understand your love of classic perfumes. I don't think there's any "stuck" where fragrances are concerned. To me, fragrances are timeless art.

    Others have mentioned the following scents and I could not agree more in recommending them: Sublime by Jean Patou, Cristobal by Balenciaga, and Chanel No. 19. Sublime is very "classical" - in the category of L'Air du Temps or Chloe, but it's sunnier and more energetic. Sublime doesn't smell like a casual scent, but I've worn it for casual occasions and it was magnificent. Cristobal is warm and sensual, but perfectly suited for casual wear. No. 19 is a classy, sophisticated, bright green mood-lifter.

    For everyday casual, don't miss giving Jean Patou EnJoy a try. This one is a recent discovery for me and I'm just loving it. It's sparkling and floral, but it has more than enough depth in the undertones to keep it from being "giggly." I recommend this to you, especially, because of your love for Anais Anais. I also highly, enthusiastically recommend Chanel Gardenia. It's exquisite, but perfect for every day. (And if you're ever looking for elegance-in-a-bottle, do try Chanel Bois des Iles!)

    I recently repurchased a gorgeous bottle of Rochas Tocade at TJ Maxx for $19.99. This is a fantastic every-day fragrance if you like your perfume on the sexy side (like First). It's warm, ambery, vanilla-rose, and it's strikingly lovely. I'd buy it for 5x the TJ Maxx price!

    Good luck and keep us updated on your new loves!

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