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Thread: Jasmine Tea

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    Default Jasmine Tea

    Any one know of a fragrance that basically smells exactly like Jasmine Green Tea - not in the cup with water, but dry in the container!

    I've seen a few fragrances that claim to be jasmine tea in the directory, but I'd rather hear what you guys have to say about them.

    I posted the same thing in the men's section ( , but I'd guess this kind of fragrance would always be unisex, and something women might know more about.
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    Default Re: Jasmine Tea

    Would like to find something like this too!

    Here, here! Not exactly "in the container", but in the tall glass with some ice and a slice of lemon -- it exists! L'Artisan Parfumeur The Pour un Ete.

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    Default Re: Jasmine Tea

    Ah - I forgot to add - no citrus! That'd ruin it for me! I don't like citrus in my tea! Just honey!

    As for the fragrance, I prefer no nothing, just tea and jasmine!
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    Default Re: Jasmine Tea

    Don't laugh...but...Chanel Gardenia. To me this is jasmine and green tea with a dry vanilla undertone...there's nothing of what I know as "gardenia"!

    There's also Bvlgari Eau de The Verte, and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea.

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    Default Re: Jasmine Tea

    None of Bvlgari (White or Green) Teas has any jasmine to my nose.

    I searched more, and I came up with L'Occitane Green Tea with Jasmine Limited Edition EdT, not on their site any longer, but judging by their description there is some citrus there as well.

    How about we skip the tea search and go with watered down honeyed jasmine? Marc Jacobs? Or, MJ Blush? There are other floral notes in them too!

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