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    Default Zino VS Jovan Sex Appeal

    Hey guys....

    I had a Walmart Gift card for xmas so I had to use it of course....went to walmart and got a bottle of Jovan Sex Appeal...and its really dang good! Esp for 15 bucks for a 3 oz....though I was like this smells very familiar...and couldnt figure it out....then it hit me It smells identical to ZINO one of my beloved top ten frags...Like Zino that lasts longer and lingers longer in that initial strong blast of top notes that most dont like about zino but I love!

    Anyone got the two on hand to compare?

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    Default Re: Zino VS Jovan Sex Appeal

    On the contrary, I find them quite different. Zino is darker with a slightly bitter bite. On the other hand, Sex Appeal is on the brighter side of the spectrum and smells more "perfumey" IMO. Aside from their powdery drydowns, I can't find much similarities between the two.

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