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    Default Recommend me a cologne!

    I currently only own Coolwater, which I know is a very common cologne. I really don't know much about cologne at all, and pretty much wear my Coolwater whenever I feel like it.

    Some people have recommended Issey Miyake's L'eau de Issey. Do you guys think that would be something I would like? And could you guys recommend some other colognes for me to try out? Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Recommend me a cologne!

    L'eau D'issey is a nice, fresh floral option.. If you are branching out from Cool Water.. I might suggest the following...

    John Varvatos.. widely available, pretty inexpensive..wonderfully light and classy fragrance.. mix of citrus and leather with a vanilla hint at the base of it.. I garner many compliments with this fragrance

    Paco Rabanne XS... very fresh/crisp..and very versatile... nothing that will overwhelm those around you... nice sharp, clean fragrance with a slight peppery wood note... not much sweetness to be found here

    Aramni Code - light, sweet sexy oriental fragrance.. quite safe and pleasant and also a compliment getter.

    Gucci Envy - as a sexy, evening alternative. A green woody fragrance that has an addictive tangy/sweetness to it... that you might have to sample a few times to truly appreciate

    Iceberg Twice - this can be found very cheap online.. great value.. frosty smelling, citrusy..'s got it all... very pleasing fragrance which (in my opinion) would be a more exciting alternative to l'eay D'issey (and fewer people around you will be wearing it)

    Burberry Touch - a violet based musky fragrance.. light, sexy.. and quite under-rated on this site.. also quite inexpensive..

    Burberry Brit - a masculine take on baby powder.. vanillic, sweet.. a hint of rose.. very well appreciated by those in my circles..

    Bulgari Black - smokey rubbery take on vanilla... smooth and very pleasing

    Anyway, these are some safe... basic designer frag choices.. if you want to be more adventurous and break out your wallet.. there are tons of more options...

    If you like Cool Water, Creed's Green Irish Tweed would really appeal to you.. it's a better blended take on the same Cool Water type fragrance.. Creed's Milliseme Imperial and Silver Mountain Water might also be of interest to you..

    Anyway, welcome to the board..hope this helps.


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    Cool Re: Recommend me a cologne!

    Without doubt I would recommend Photo by Lagerfeld. Taste very woody and musky with a lingering almond and herb drydown. I wear to call centre and customer like very much.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a cologne!

    If you like Cool Water, a suggestion from my side would be Calvin Klein Escape and Kenzo Pour Homme. Both are good on longevity and sillage. I also agree with Issey Miyake, but be careful with putting on too much...
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    Default Re: Recommend me a cologne!

    Bois D'argent, Cologne Blanche, or Eau Noire by Christian Dior
    Chanel - Cuire de Ruissie and Eau de Cologne
    Penhaligons - Quercus, Castille, and Raquets
    Dior -Eau Noire, Dior Homme Cologne, Dior Homme Intense, and Dior Sweet Sun
    Frédéric Malle - Angelique sous la pluie and Eau d'Hiver
    L'Artisan - l'eau de l'artisan and bois farine
    Hermès - Elixir des Merveilles, Jardin sur Nil, and Hermessence Confret.

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    Default Re: Recommend me a cologne!

    welcome goul. those are great recommendations to start to sample. be patient because you are at a good place here at bn. coolwater,I know you're use to that so how about something similar. green irish tweed,which others have said but theres another similar frag which is one of my favs 'fougeres marines' by montale. lots of frags you may not like at first but keep testing them out and some you will eventually enjoy.
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