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    Default Smelled a few, bought one...Neiman's and Nordies

    Stopped at South Park Mall in Charlotte a few days back. First time there since Neiman Marcus opened.

    In Neiman's, I talked to the Creed rep for North Carolina. I baited him into a little Bond No. 9 discussion. He was pretty gentle, and just commented that Laurice used to work for Creed. He smirked a little, but was not too harsh.

    They showed me their bath products for Creed. I also smelled Royal Ceylan and Acier Aluminum for the first time. Both were nice, but my wife and I both preferred AA.

    I also sampled Tobacco Flower by Fresh. A tangy scent, to be sure.

    On down the mall, I stopped in Caswell-Massey and sprayed on some Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo. Spicey and not really appealing until about an hour later. Overall, we agreed the Tobacco Flower was preferable.

    Last stop was Nordies. I saw YSL L'Homme and VR Antidote. I immediately fell for the Antidote packaging, and the scent was nice as well. I'll own L'Homme eventually, but this day I bought the Antidote and I'm wearing it now.

    Antidote is a warm, sweet scent. I seem to detect some vanilla, some cinnamon and something that brings Givenchy Gentleman to mind.

    I just love the Villoresi blue bottles.
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    Default Re: Smelled a few, bought one...Neiman's and Nordies

    I'm a Big Fan of the Antidote.....IMHO....This is a Fantastic Fragrance....Glad I have this for sure..........I Love those Blue LV botlles also.

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    Default Re: Smelled a few, bought one...Neiman's and Nordies

    Antidote is on my short list of future purchases. So is Cannabis Santal.
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    Default Re: Smelled a few, bought one...Neiman's and Nordies

    I thought I was the only one in Charlotte.

    Ever been to Potion on East Blvd?

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