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    Default Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    I'm looking for a fragrance with a good freesia whollop (if freesia's can whollop; it seems against their nature) for my best friend. Her favourite flower is freesia, and I'm putting together a little coffret of various decants she might enjoy. It wouldn't be complete without a couple of good freesia-dominated fragrances.
    Thanks Ladies!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    As I warn people in my posts, I'm not too good with my fragrances yet...going from memory, there are a couple of fragrances that I sprayed for people in the Christmas sales I worked on, and the people commented that they could smell Freesia in I said, I'm going from memory, so here goes...
    Miracle (Lancome), Rush (Gucci), Emporio Armani Night She (I think it's called!!) and Darling (Kylie Minogue) - the freesia in Darling is really prominent (at least to me) after the first 10 minutes or so..

    Hope that helps a bit, even if I'm a little off...anyone can disagree with any of the suggestions I've I said, I'm not too good with fragrances yet.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    We had a thread about Freesia scents loooooooong time ago, and since then my knowledge did not expand: once again I have to admit that I do not know freesia flowers, have never seen or smellt the real blossoms, all I understand it is somewhat similar to sweet jasmine and on the fruity side (and my reference source is VO5 Free Me Freesia shampoo ), just like they make tons of new releases right now!

    Back then I remember a few scents got mentioned:
    -- Diptyque Ofresia;
    -- Demeter Fragrance Library Freesia;
    -- BBW Freesia (the only one of the three I had a chance to try and let me tell you, it was nothin' to write home about).

    Meantime, I saw MPG Freezia d'Or sold at my favorite (well, to tell you the whole truth, the only retail place I buy my more expensive fragrances at ) boutique, but there were no testers or samples, so it is still a mystery.

    Will be awaiting more comments too!
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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    OK, freesias are not a floral or perfume note that I am particularly familiar with, but I will try. Freesias seem to blur in with other 'springtime', 'clean', 'soapy' floral notes for me (along with lily of the valley and magnolia) but I happen to have a rather good body spray from Parfums de Coeur (Freesia Fantasy) which has the strength & longevity of an EDP! I tend to use it on bed linen but it has also helped me to recognise the influence of a freesia note in more complex blends.

    A few favourites featuring freesia:

    Cerruti 1881 pour femme (top note)
    Calvin Klein Eternity (top note)
    Kenzo Parfum D'Ete (heart note)
    So de la Renta (top note)
    Paul Smith Woman (dominate heart note)
    Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars (top note)

    You may also like to try:

    Bond No.9 New York Fling (Heart note)
    Antonia's Flowers (dominant top note) - freesia dominated perfume
    Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey (top note)
    Estee Lauder Pleasures (top note)
    Chanel Allure (heart note) - most noticable in the EDT
    JPG Classique (top note) - EDT
    Dolce & Gabbana Woman (top note)

    I do hope this list is of some help. Good Luck & Happy Sniffing!
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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    I have 'Ralph' by RL and it's very nice. It has yellow freesia in the top and a freesia heart. Freesia, freesia, all the way.

    I have a mini Incanto Dreams by SF (thanks, tiff!) that I quite like, I warn you though, the pineapple top note is distinct--which I like, but could be distracting from a freesia point of view.

    I have somehow missed the O'Freesia bandwagon, probably because I had Ralph, and haven't even tried that one. This error will be corrected!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    Oops, I left out my favorite! Which is Something Blue by DSH. There is absolutely nothing to it, just totally fresh floral...but I've amazed myself even by how often I reach for it. It's got a large freesia component, and as I happily got mine on sale I'd be happy to contribute a 2ml decant. It's from DSH Your Pefect Wedding Day Fragrances collection. I also have Wedding Bouquet, FYI there, Mrs2B !!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    I've loved the scent of freesia since I worked for a florist in college. It's probably my favorite fresh flower fragrance, and I wish it was easier to find in the perfume world.

    The truest freesia I've smelled lately is in Ineke Balmy Days and Sundays, where it is very green -- blended with a fresh cut grass note. I'm guessing this would be tough to get a decant of, though, and the freesia note doesn't last as long as I'd like.

    I also get a definite sense of the fresh flower in the top note of Ralph Lauren Romance. Wish I was familiar with Ralph but I'm not -- will have to fix that now that I know it has freesia both top and middle. To my nose, the freesia top note in Miracle is drowned out by the lychee, which I'm not a fan of.

    I'm looking forward to a getting sample of Diptyque Ofresia this week. Best of luck, and please let us know what else you find!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for a freesia scent?

    For a clean, youthful adaptation of freesia, Gap Dream is nice. No kidding.

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