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    Default Re: Interesting: Fragrance etiquette

    Something that occurred to me is that the most popular scents (and thus the perfumes that most people statistically would be complaining about) are rather terrible.

    There are popular perfumes out there (Liz Arden's entire line, Happy, Polo for women, etc.) that truly are offensive to me. Not only that, but they are gross even in small quantities. They are also cheap and well-advertised, which is why I can recognize more scents that I hate than ones that I like.

    As a basenoter with a nuanced wardrobe (and high horse), I think that my fragrances should be in a different category from most mass-market stuff. A few sprays of GIT cannot be equated in any way to a few sprays of e.g. Bora Bora.

    And that's what I think. YMMV. And I have heard that maybe one person's GIT is another person's Bora Bora, but I personally don't buy it. We could reduce that to "one man's Deux Magots is another man's McDonalds' or "one man's Brahms is another man's Britney", but that would be pointless. That proves nothing except that some people have terrible taste. Relativism has a curve of diminishing returns, and I think we should admit that we've arrived at that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyhueofdoubt
    Relativism has a curve of diminishing returns, and I think we should admit that we've arrived at that point.

    very well expressed and I agree.
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    Default Re: Interesting: Fragrance etiquette

    Quote Originally Posted by Joy

    Are you suggesting we should ignore the effects of people who bathe in scents because there are other annoyances in the world? That's akin to saying it's sad that there are people who are concerned about littering in the streets when there are children starving in Ethiopia ie. they have no relationship whatsoever.
    I am not saying that we should ignore the effects of those who bathe in scents — I'm explicitly saying that it's a breach of etiquette. By "fragrance wowsers" I mean those who are so concerned about smelling someone else's fragrance under any circumstances that they are willing to try to ban them wholesale.

    And on the question of complaining about one thing while doing nothing about another, I must point out that people ARE trying to do something about starvation in Ethiopia AND littering. But I don't agree that banning fragrance wearing because it is invasive and doing nothing about the invasiveness of many car sound systems IS like the Ethiopia example. The cases I'm speaking of ARE related: they are both examples of the same breach of etiquette (in fact wasn't that the ENTIRE point of what I wrote, trying to sum up other people's points).

    Like Ifconfig my attitude is just to walk away from people who are wearing too much scent — I wouldn't comment, because I regard it as a relatively trivial matter. But I strongly dislike the far more invasive noise pollution that no one seems motivated to even comment on (I don't mean here). Surely there is something a little eye-brow raising about the complete silence on the noise-pollution issue, when it is so blatantly a public health problem in the making?

    Hope this clarifies
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