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    Default Quick question Re: L.M. concentration

    Lonestar Memories: The bottle proclaims it to be an EdT. Can this possibly be true? LM is one of the most powerful juices I've experienced. It outlasts nearly everything in my arsenal (I mean, wardrobe).

    And although it isn't mentioned on luckyscent, I get a distinct anise note in the second-day drydown.

    This stuff is just incredible. Certainly not safe for a blind buy, but for the right person it could be the holy grail scent.

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    Default Re: Quick question Re: L.M. concentration

    It's marked as e.d.t. but it's got perfume strength.
    It lasted longer than my Fumerie Turque which is an edp and waaay longer than Fou d'Absinthe also an edp. The topnotes are very pungent and strong to me, but the warm,woody, vetiver drydown is heaven. And it lasts forever.
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