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    Talking Just returning...Faves & Disappointments

    It's been a while since I've really delved back in here. But I had to come back, I've learned a lot about fragrance since signing up

    The most wonderful surprise to me was I was not liking many of the scents suggested to me at first, for example.. Hermes' Eau de Merveilles. Now, I can't get enough of it.
    Other new faves...
    Calypso Mimosa by Christian Celle
    Vintage Gardenia by Jo Malone
    Bois Farine and Chasse Aux Papillon by L'Artisan

    More summery faves...
    Cologne a la Italienne, by Institut Tres Bien
    Cucumber baie by Index Fresh
    Rockin Rio by Escada

    And the thing is, some of the scents I have and used to love before are now not so appealing, such as...
    Chanel Chance
    Michael Kors
    Lolita Lempicka
    Burberry Brit Red
    J'lo Miami

    The most disappointing thing is that Bois Farine, which I absolutely LOVE, and smells so warm but clean on me, seems to fade so quickly. I recently bought the large bottle, and I am going to go right through it - not so good for my pocket. I find myself sniffing my arm all day

    I have to force myself to hold back on using my Xmas gift cards on fragrances only... but its just soooo goooood!!!

    So I have a question.. do ya think any of the scents I love (the newest ones), have anything particular in common? I have trouble distinguishing/identifying what "types" of fragrances each is, I just like the way they smell... and I want MORE.

    Looking forward to more sampling and shopping,

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    Default Re: Just returning...Faves & Disappointments

    Hi Pepper,

    I am glad you are enjoying Basenotes. I myself am relatively new around here and I agree that I have learned a lot since I joined.

    Regarding the lasting power of Bois Farine, I have found that most L'Artisans have poor staying power. Layering your fragrance with unscented body lotion might help it stay longer.

    From what I see, you seem to like the floral category, especially the light, sweet florals (like La Chasse). I see your older listing includes some pretty heavy florals like J'adore and Michael Kors, so perhaps your taste has changed towards lighter fragrances. I would say Bois Farine is the anomaly in your listing; it is such a unique smell that I am hesitant to assign it to a fragrance family. It is predominantly woody, so perhaps exploring fragrances in that category might be worthwhile for you.

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