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    Default Tuberose and gardenia


    I am looking for the best tuberose or gardenia fragrance. I really love the scents. Because I got such good tips for my question about rose fragrances, I try it again.

    The tuberose fragrances I tried are: Tuberosa d' autonna from I Profumo di Firenze / Tuberose from L' artisan, from Annick Goutal and Jo Malone

    The gardenia's I tried are: gardenia passion from Annick Goutal / Gardenia from Christiane Celle.

    I was only really charmed by Jo malone's tuberose. Any tips? Thanks very much!

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    If you love tuberose, I really think you should try Fracas. IMO it's the mother of all tuberose fragrances.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    I have Blonde by Versace and liked it enough to get the parfum, edp & Eau Fleurie versions I really don't know when enough is enough!

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Tubereuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens. You'll either love it or hate it. And it helps if you like the smell of gasoline. It's a little weird, but give it a shot. I think it's a "must try" for anyone on a tuberose quest.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Oooh, go into a Tiffany store and cover yourself with the Pure Tiffany tester they have out. It's big on the tuberose, and smells like white florals. Apparently it has no gardenia in it, but I swear I can smell some.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Malles Carnal Flower is a wonderful Tuberose too

    And for gardenia, try Marc Jacobs, more easily available
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Depends how much scent you can bear

    Easy to try for you: MPG's Tubereuse (at Shu Uemura, Magna Plaza in Amsterdam). Almost too much to handle but very beautiful.
    Second Fracas, but don't forget the easy available Fragile from Gaultier. The EDP is rather heavy on tuberose. If you don't like that, go for the more subdued EDT.

    Gardenia: only one immensely gorgeous scent: Isabey Gardenia, back in a new bottle and available at AusLiebeZumDuft and Luckyscent (in case you want to sample). For me the most beautiful Gardenia ever
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Versace Crystal Noir is very beautiful gardenia scent. I smell gardenia in Pure Poison, but nobody else around me does, so it's probably just my nose. Yves Rocher has Pur Desir Gardenia (really almost pure gardenia) for a very good price.
    I second Fracas and Fragile and add Jardins de Bagatelle. Also Organza by Givenchy has some tuberose.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Welcome cornelia!
    I am a big fan of tuberose.
    My all time favourite tuberose goes to : Fracas
    The following is a shortlist of what other tuberose scent comes into mind.
    Michael by Michael Kors
    Jardins de Bagatelle

    As for Gardenia, I could only think of Gardenia by Chanel, which is very lovely and linear. I have tried the Vintage Gardenia by Jo Malone once, that is quite nice too.
    (I think my knowlege of gardenia is only little)

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Some of my faves are in fact with while flower blossoms and gardenia/tuberose are my big loves. Here are some of my favorites with those notes:

    Gardenia: Annick Goutal: Songes, Versace: Crystal Noir, Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacobs Perfume, Stila: Midnight Bloom

    Tuberose: Gaultier: Fragile, Versace: Blond, Frédéric Malle: Carnal Flower, Cacharel: Eden, L'Artisan Parfumeur: La chasse aux Papillons, Carolina Herrera: Carolina Herrera, Lancôme: Poême, Givenchy: Amarige, Van Cleef & Arpels: Van Cleef
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Serge Lutens Cedre is a nice tuberose, tempered with woodiness.
    I like Versace Crystal Noir for gardenia.
    Chanel Gardenia covers both tuberose and gardenia quite nicely.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Quote Originally Posted by pellen
    Tubereuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens. You'll either love it or hate it. And it helps if you like the smell of gasoline. It's a little weird, but give it a shot. I think it's a "must try" for anyone on a tuberose quest.
    Copy that.:bounce:

    And for Gardenia - Jungle Gardenia - even the new dumbed-down version! :bounce::bounce:

    (And welcome aboard! )
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Scherrer..actually, Scherrer 2, is tuberose only...JL Scherrer has both

    I am also wild for Marc Jacobs, Fracas, MPG Jardin Blanc. and if you go for MMiglin, Four White Flowers has both in abundance
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    of the fragrances I've tried (which isn't very many!), there are a couple that I think are strong in tuberose and gardenia - at least to my nose:

    Intimately Beckham for Her by David & Victoria Beckham (tuberose)
    Fragile by Jean Paul Gaultier (very tuberose!)
    Silver Rain by La Prairie (gardenia)
    Marc Jacobs Essence (very gardenia!)

    Anyone can disagree with any of these if they I say in all my suggestion posts, I don't know much about fragrances yet, but I'm trying my best! hope that helps

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    kai oil is my favorite gardenia, especially for summer, though I didn't care for the EdP. The oil is fresh, moist, and green in the best possible way. Yves Rocher Pur Desire Gardenia is the best rendition of traditional full gardenia, IMO, and even BBW Gardenia is nice, although it doesn't last so long.

    I'm not such a fan of tuberose, and can't really make any rec'c on that one. You might want to try Chinatown, although it's lots more than floral, it's a winner.

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    Talking Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Hi I love Chanel Gardenia a lot, Royal Gardenia by Il Profumo,Ellenisia by Penhaligions, Marc Jacobs, and MJ Essence. I love gardenia, If that helps, Great fragrance

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Tuberose and gardenia are not the same on their own, but because there is no pure gardenia scent for the most part (it's very expensive to produce) it is blended as a compound and usually contains an impressive amount of both tuberose and jasmine.

    My favourite for these two notes are as follows:

    Vintage Gardenia with Cardamom and Myrrh (Jo Malone) - elegant and while simple it is not boring at all. The cardamom is brilliant here, and so is the myrrh. It's quite clean rather than heady, a tad like a floral soap I remember from years ago...

    Chanel's Gardenia is a good one to try too

    I love the gardenia in Songes as well - but it's a white floral and there is more ylang than gardenia there.


    Noix de Tubereuse (Miller Harris) for a buttery, powdery, and very soft and creamy tuberose with tonka and violet and I also smell incense in the base.

    White Potion (Ayala Moriel) which is also creamy and soft, with tonka, coconut, jasmine and sandalwood.

    And for more in-your-face tuberosey tuberose scents that are really fantastic -
    Carnal Flower
    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
    Visit my SmellyBlog:

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    I'm not very familiar with tuberose,but for Gardenia I second Crystal noir. A more blended gardenia scent is Attraction. Like this one as well,but it's a bit softer than Crystal Noir.
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Thanks very much everybody!!!
    On my first day off, it's going out there on my bike to the perfume shops.
    By the way, we got Annick Goutal here in Rotterdam, that's the only special shop we got here. I have to get my stuff from Amsterdam or Germany.
    Well, aus liebe zum duft have quite a few.

    Greetings from Holland. (and of course it's raining again)

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Tis an old thread, so perhaps that's why nobody has mentioned Gapbody's Coconut Tuberose. The coconut is very soft and goes quickly - a shame, because it blends beautifully with tuberose - then you get the straight stuff with it's (to me) delicious hint of warm rubber.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    To my nose Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is the only scent I have come across so far that smells most like the actual flowers. I've smelled almost all of the scents mentioned so far and, in my opinion, they are all just a bit off base. Gorgeous, wonderful scents but they never seemed quite right. One too indolic, one too sweet, one too know what I mean. But this one had me at the first sniff. All the other scents are wonderful in their own way, just not quite as close of a reproduction of the actual flowers in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    l love both tuberose & gardenia, & have also tried many of the ones mentioned here.

    For gardenia, l totally agree with AutumnLeaves that Tuberose Gardenia is a stunningly beautiful rendition of the true flower (it is much more gardenia than tuberose on my skin).
    The only other fragrance l have tried that combines the true scent of gardenia with such high quality is Van Cleef & Arpels' Gardenia Petale.
    Tom Ford's discontinued Velvet Gardenia is also great, but for some reason l find it a quite dark & melancholy scent, & some reviewers find it too "mushroomy".

    For tuberose, l second both Fracas & Carnal Flower, & recommend By Kilian's beautiful Beyond Love.
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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Kai, hands down for Gardenia. The EDP is gorgeous, and has massive sillage.
    Tuberose, depends how you like yours. I love mine loud and proud, Fracas is the Tuberose to rule them all.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Annick Goutal Tubereuse - absolute soliflore, 100% quality very hard to find. Nothing but tuberose absolute. Very nice true rendition.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Another beautiful one is Do Son by Diptyque, to me smell very similar to Lauder's Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia. I have both and love them equally.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Another nod to Fracas for tuberose. No, it's TUBEROSE
    Serge Lutens has a wicked tuberose in Datura Noir

    My favourite gardenia is Gardenia Chanel

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    I second the EL, EL frags are really good in general and their private collection is gorgeous (the bottles are too) and actually this one is pretty much pure tuberose-gardenia, just what you are looking for and I believe that all EL stores carry this frag.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    The best tuberose I have ever smelled and so beautifully crafted is in Robert Piguet Fracas. I never thought I like the smell of tuberose until I have tried this....beautiful! - my blog

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    Tubereuse Couture by Parfumerie Generale is very elegant, one of my favourites.

    Isabey Gardenia is lovely, and it's supposed to contain naturally extracted gardenia oils from the flower.

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    Default Re: Tuberose and gardenia

    I started burning a True Grace Tuberose candle last night and it reminded me of Renee Tuberose, which is beautiful and feminine.

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