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    Default Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    Hello, I am a bit lost in choosing as a beginner.
    Could any of you suggest some fragrance I should try? Although the city I am in may not have all the stuffs, I believe most classic ones with acceptable price is available.

    I am a college student in 21, most of time being modest, no much muscles, that is slim, but of course wear jeans. i hope to find one that fits my style.

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    Wink Re: Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    welcome to the world of perfume!

    here are some good perfumes for you based on your self description.

    Ck one/be or electric
    Versace blue jeans
    Tommy T
    L'Eau par Kenzo pour homme
    (four of them above are a more or less unisex scent and for young lad who is smooth and slim)
    Le male JPG (metrosexual scent)

    hope that helps

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    Default Re: Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    Hi Welcome to BaseNotes.
    I think maybe you should try the more mainstream popular fragrances first. Also you should choose your fragrances according to occasion, time of day (datime/nightime) and season. Some fragrances are better in the nighttime like D&G pour homme or daytime like Vetiver by Guerlain. Summer frags could be one with ones with citrus notes like L'eau par kenzo/ L'eau D'issey and wintery scents could be ones that have more spices like envy from gucci.

    I think you should probably start with L'eau D'Issey which IMO is a nice starter frag/ frag in general eventhough its is mass circulated and widely used. Or maybe XS by Paco Rabonne( which was my first frag) is nice, masculine scent, which I fine sutable for many occasions, like college, office, hanging out.
    If you live where there is a winter season, you can try Le MAle, Rochas Man. Envy. Nice winter scents and good for dates as well.

    Im sure you should be getting more suggestions soon. Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    Thank stasic and rock-e.

    I have tried out some of the products you two suggested which are available in my city.

    After these testing, I find that I do not like those strong masculine ones which may be a bit irritating. But i don't like many girlish unisex-prone frags too. This may be a contradiction. I used ck be, i like the smell but to others it is a bit girlish. That is why i decide to change.

    Versace blue jeans and L'eau D'Issey (for men) are for example, a bit girlish to me and I am less likely to use them.

    I like the new arrival - ck one electric, especially the top notes, but the base notes are so common, i would say it (base notes) is very similar with the widely used ck one. If the base notes of ck electric is not too tender to me, i will buy it immediately.

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    Default Re: Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    welcome again
    i suggest going to sephora or to a good department store...
    there you should test around...see what "catergory" you "fit" in...
    after that you can ask...research....
    but as a super simple ...can't go wrong....fragrance...i suggest...
    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf
    Chanel - Cuire de Ruissie and Eau de Cologne
    Penhaligons - Quercus, Castille, and Raquets
    Dior -Eau Noire, Dior Homme Cologne, Dior Homme Intense, and Dior Sweet Sun
    Frédéric Malle - Angelique sous la pluie and Eau d'Hiver
    L'Artisan - l'eau de l'artisan and bois farine
    Hermès - Elixir des Merveilles, Jardin sur Nil, and Hermessence Confret.

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    Default Re: Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    How about Burberry Brit for Men?

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    Cool Re: Look for recommendation, male, college student, slim

    Dear nivek, like you am am blessed with being smooth and slim, ladies are like this very much and I feel that a complementary scent for your profile would be 'Photo', by Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is, if you are not aware, main nose behind some of Chanel key fragrances and this is an original scent by him. Photo is a soapy yet fresh scent, with a lingering musky drydown. Please I urge you to taste it.

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