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    Thanks to Shycat, I now have my stash of the Avocado Oil Soap (and the bodywash, oh boy). Great deal for the discontinued's.

    I haven't been to C& E for a very long time. I have been missing out! A couple of scents I found there very soothing and "aroma-fulfilling", like Nadira and Sarawak. I almost couldn't smell them at first but now the Sarawak especially, has a soothing, slightly sweet, scent that is all a-waft around me. Very satisfying, if you know what I mean.

    Just thought I'd pass this on, this is the type of thing I love about finding scents that make me happy.


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    Default Re: Crabtree & Evelyn

    I'm glad you liked Avacodo Oil soap. I have a stash of it, too! I love to sink into a warm bath surrounded by a delightful refreshing fragrance. I haven't been to the C&E store proper for a long time, as it's about an hour up the interstate in a distant mall. A nice idea for a frag shopper's afternoon indulgance!

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    I love the way the soap smells, but I have to say, the body wash is just as wonderful. I got two of each (we will be clean and smell oh so good) for my daughter and me to enjoy.

    You know I stopped by this place across the street from my office... they sell all sorts of pharmaceuticals downstairs but all the lovely indulgences upstairs. They have many of the great bath and scents I've been reading about here.

    I have to stay far, far away from there... ever try Slatkin Citron... sigh..

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    oh Pepper i have Slatkin's Absinthe and Fig bodywash and it's addictive. i never want to finish showering whenever i use it.
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    I haven't been to Crabtree & Evelyn in ages. I used to love their jojoba seashell shaped soaps, and they had a very nice vanilla line (I liked the lotion) that smelled like the natural vanilla pod, not fake-smelling. I also adore their lily of the valley shower gel. Looks like I need to revisit C&E and check out the new stuff.

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    I've a bottle of Nadira Body Oil Spray which I no longer used because I detected a rancid buttery smell after the product stays on my skin for some time. I tried it a couple of times to give it a chance but it's just disappointing. Never tried the EDT (?) before though so I've no comments for it; could be different than the oil.
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