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    Angry Right-click disabled! (rant)

    To: Perfume shopping websites (and other types of shopping sites) that disable the right-click mouse function and replace it with a pop-up copyright/content notice

    Your disabling of my right-click pop-up menu serves only one purpose for me as a shopper at your site: to PISS ME OFF! It inhibits my browsing experience. It prevents me from right-clicking on a link to open a separate browser window. It prevents me from easily creating a shortcut to your webpage on my desktop or adding the page to my bookmarks.

    I, the shopper/customer, am not there to steal your graphics, descriptions, etc. However, if I were there from a competing company to steal your content or link to it from my own site, do you think that disabling the right-click function would stop me? Do you think that the notice would deter me? It would not. It would amuse me.

    You have obviously been advised by an anal web developer or evil corporate lawyer that the copyright/content notice is a good idea. Well, from a customer's point of view, it is annoying and accusatory. If you are so worried about having your stuff stolen, how about just putting the notice at the bottom of every page (or at the top if you are THAT worried) and/or putting a company watermark on each graphic? It is pointless and possibly detrimental to your business to punish the majority of visitors to your site - customers - by interfering with their normal browsing capabilities. If I were contemplating buying a product from your site or a competing site, all other things being equal, I would buy from the site that does not hijack my browser functionality and imply that I am a thief.

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    It irritates me too. It's not that hard to look at the source code and lift an image if I want, which I don't. I right click all the time to open multiple windows though.

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    Default Re: Right-click disabled! (rant)

    In Firefox, ctrl+click opens a new window and bypasses the right-click block.

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    Default Re: Right-click disabled! (rant)

    Another idea: often right-click disabling is done through Javascript, which can be disabled in your browser's options menu. Then when you're done, you can turn it back on; many sites do rely on Javascript, so it's not likely you'd want to leave it off.

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    Default Re: Right-click disabled! (rant)

    Thanks for the suggestions. There are many ways around the problem. In IE, which I use with Avant Browser, Ctrl+N opens up a new window or tab (respectively) containing the same page. I can then click on the link in the new window/tab and I will still have my original page open - same result as right-clicking the link. I think Firefox even has a pluggin that will restore the right-click functionality to the browser after a site has stolen it. My point/rant however, is with their hijacking my normal browser functionality, just to remind that tiny percentage of people that might be there to lift a graphic or product description, that their stuff is copyrighted. You've also helped prove my point in that there are easy ways around it and it isn't going to deter actual thieves. It only serves to annoy and insult actual customers.
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