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    Default Is B*Men for me?

    Since it's going out of production I'm thinking of snagging a bottle... blindly. So here's a question, is B*Men for me?

    I hate very strong/cloying fragrances. For one, I can't stand M7. Way too strong and sweet and perfumey (synthetic) smelling to my nose. I can't stand Joop! either.

    I tend to like fresh/aqua/citrusy fragrances more, especially since I live in an eternal summer (77-83F all year long). I do like some woodier fragrances like Terre D'Hermés, though.


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    Default Re: Is B*Men for me?

    Well...that's hard to say because there is only one "you" in the world, and I know I'm not that person. Have you ever tried A*Men before? The two are quite similar in effect, except B*Men has strong green/spicy notes that replace the gourmand chocolate/coffee of the original. It is potent, strong, and rather manly, and it certainly is *not* fresh, aquatic, citrusy, or a warm-weather frag. Still, it is unique enough (other than to A*Men) that you might enjoy it regardless of what the note pyramid or anyone here suggests. I would not buy this one blind, but I do recommend you seek it out just to try, in case you never have another chance to test it again. I have found some of my favorite scents by testing frags that aren't, according to description, things I would wear, so even if B*Men is a change of pace from your usual wardrobe, it may be worth seeking out.
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    Default Re: Is B*Men for me?

    Hmm. If M7 is too sweet for you, I would expect you to find B*Men too sweet as well. I like both, though.

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    Default Re: Is B*Men for me?

    I had put off trying B*Men because i had never been a fan of A*Men. I tried it the other day and i fell in love with it. It's spicy, green, warm and very manly. I'd go for it, most places have it going cheap, what have you got to lose?

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    Default Re: Is B*Men for me?

    To me B*Men is A*Men done right - a perfect balance of spice and sweet.

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    Default Re: Is B*Men for me?

    No No No....BMEN is not for hot weather.....Maybe you can use it for to go dinner or something like that....but for daytime, no . (personal opinion).
    Try other,this one is hard....nice for cold weather.

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