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    Default Estee Lauder's new "Beautiful Love"

    I have seen on Estee Lauder's website for the US that there is a new fragrance "Beautiful Love". I know it is already available at their department store counters in my location, too, but I haven't been able to try it yet. Has anyone sampled this yet? If so, how do you like it?

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    Default Re: Estee Lauder's new "Beautiful Love"

    I sniffed it today... it reminded me of Michael due to the heavy tuberose note. Not surprising, since Michael Kors fragraces are also under the Estee Lauder corporate umbrella (the Aramis/Designer Fragrances division, to be exact).
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Estee Lauder's new "Beautiful Love"

    I also snifffed it today. Aat first I couldn't tell the difference between it and pleasures. Although, it has better staying power and less freesia. It seems to me. It's quite nice. Overall it feels harmless. I think it's magnolia. Does anyone know?
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    Default Re: Estee Lauder's new "Beautiful Love"

    This new fragrance is an airy fruity floral with a distinct mango tone(called "mango mist") in the top notes. It has a sheerness that is foreign to the EL classic line, but it doesn't lack in strength. The fruit note is juicy and semi-pulpy without being too heavily drawn or candied, and yet initially it does tend to dominate the white florals beneath. There is supposed to be a vetiver note lurking somewhere below, but I couldn't find it. The jasmine is also treated with a light hand; it seems they were shooting for transparency and bouyancy. This doesn't mean a clarity as you'd find in something by Giacobetti. It's still quite a dense scent, just one with more space than the classics in that line.

    As with all the rest of the EL scents, Beautiful Love smells like a Lauder. There's a signature handling to the line that is unmistakable.

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    Default Re: Estee Lauder's new "Beautiful Love"

    The Este Lauder counter manager wasso excitd when she found it in ourshipment, and everyone was hesitint to smell it, cause you have to admit, este lauder isn't the fragrances for young adults. anyways everyone seemed to really like it, but me T_T it was to floral for me, smelled likewalking into adaisy feild
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