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    This question may have been answered elsewhere on this forum, but something very puzzling happened to me. I bought a bottle of Habit Rouge about a month ago at one of those small perfume stores at the mall. When I opened it up and tried it, it smelled just like people desribe it here, very rich and very strong. So strong that I only needed 1 spray to last all day. The last time I used it was before Christmas. So I go to put some on today and the smell has completely changed to a soapy, unpleasant smell, completely different from before. Is it possible that it spoiled that quickly? I looked at the box and it says copyright 2000, but I don't know if that means the year of manufacture. I'm kinda bummed cause I dropped $65 on it and liked it before smelling it today. (Oh, and i stored it in its box in a dark drawer).

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    Iíve heard of attuned and alert producers who pulled off the shelves particular items that turned, ie Frederick Malle with their Vetiver Extraordinaire right in these pages a year or so ago and I have a curious experience with a bottle of Tuscany I bought from an ethnic outlet that seem not to be in the best condition. Same smell but it vanishes like a fart in the wind as soon as I apply it.

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    I've never smelled Habit Rouge, so I can't help in determining if it's indeed gone bad, but if I were you I'd bring the bottle with me to the store I bought it and just compare it to "fresh" ones there. If you find that your bottle has gone south, demand to have it replaced.

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    I honestly don't think it would spoil in a month, unless you had it sitting on a radiator in the middle of a window that gets sun 22 hours a day. It could be a number of factors, though; do you have a cold? Sniffles? Do you use a different body soap, clothing detergent, air spray in your house? All of these things (including differences in weather) change the way something smells to you. It could also just be that you are more "accustomed" to the scent and don't like it as well. As I said on the Vera wang thread, I absolutely LOVED it at first and then a few weeks later it just wasn't the same. As you've lived with the Habit Rouge for a bit and have had a chance to be in touch with all of its various notes and drydowns, maybe your nose is just picking up more on elements that it doesn't like. Honestly, I had the same feeling with Habit Rouge; I loved it at first but wondered later what I had been getting so worked up about.

    If it HAS gone south... generally it's pretty easy to tell. I had a bottle of Caron pour un homme shipped to me that had turned; instead of that nice, barber shop smell, I got this putrid, sour Lavender followed something that smelled like vomit.

    I agree with others, though... if you are near a shop that carries it, take a smell. OR, it is obtainable VERY inexpensively on ebay or online (probably $20 or so), so you could always pick up another bottle there.
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    I go along the same lines as rach2jlc. For it to spoil in a month would be highly unusual. I cannot remember any notes in Habit Rouge that gave a soapy smell to me.

    I do wonder about some of the fragrances stores I see in malls. After doing some shopping before Christmas I spotted an unusually well-stocked
    fragrance store. Could not believe they seemed to carry everything I had been looking for that all the other big name stores had been sold out of. Made it seem to good to be true so I did not buy. The way they were willing to open any package for me and everyone else bothered me also. Do they reseal them after someone has used a few sprays?

    The copyright 2000 on the box should just be for the writing and images on the package. Not for the actual fragrance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by globetrekker
    The copyright 2000 on the box should just be for the writing and images on the package. Not for the actual fragrance.
    I second this as well. I was just looking at my bottle of Guerlain Vetiver and it has a 1999 copyright on it. That writing will probably be on every box after 1999, regardless of when it was actually bottled.

    Some companies put codes on the bottom of the bottles that connote date and such, but my Guerlain bottles don't have that on there.
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