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    Default french,italian or english perfume houses?

    which country leads in this competition about the cream de la cream of the perfume houses?is it france,italy or england?which differences do you find between these 3 in the procedure of making a perfume(philosophy,making techniques,oils used)

    +is creed considered to be a french perfume house?or they keep following the english tradtion even after they moved to france?

    thank you all

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    Default Re: french,italian or english perfume houses?

    Although they all have their masterpieces, I think it's pretty safe to say that France rules them all with houses like Caron and Guerlain and cities like Grasse and Paris.

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    Default Re: french,italian or english perfume houses?

    i say french...
    but who says the others can't create amazing scents....
    Chanel - Cuire de Ruissie and Eau de Cologne
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    Frédéric Malle - Angelique sous la pluie and Eau d'Hiver
    L'Artisan - l'eau de l'artisan and bois farine
    Hermès - Elixir des Merveilles, Jardin sur Nil, and Hermessence Confret.

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    Default Re: french,italian or english perfume houses?

    Like fashion, paintings, or music, each culture has its own feel that makes it hard to pick which is "best."

    In terms of unconventional fare, I'd say France definitely has the edge. Malle, L'artisan, Piguet, Chanel (which was very unconventional for its time), Caron, etc... these are all scents that are ALMOST over the top, but manage to stay restrained enough to be almost perfect.

    Nevertheless, English scents seem to me often to reek of class and a quiet, more subdued sense of elegance. It would be hard to compare Floris to Caron, even though both of them are worth trying.

    Italian scents from the likes of Etro, SMN, etc. all have that warmer, softer, relaxed Italian sexiness that only they can pull off (same with fashion and style... I've seen regular, middle-aged Italian men on bicycles going down to the grocery who look more well put together than any East hampton millionaire on his way to an evening party).

    So, I'd say a lot of it depends on my mood on a given day or the type of atmosphere I want to create with a scent.
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    Default Re: french,italian or english perfume houses?

    French - a mixture of supreme excellence and overblown pompus rubbish, about 50/50.

    Italian - low hit rate (10%?) but effortlessly high class when they do (acqua di parma, capucci....)

    English - suprisingly refined, subtle and elegant. Definitely coming in last though.
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    Default Re: french,italian or english perfume houses?

    "All have done well, and all shall have prizes!"

    BTW, Creed has been in France too long to be English any more.
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