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    Default Annick Goutals at Loehmann's (NYC)

    Here in NYC we have a store called Loehmann's: 5 floors of bargains bargains bargains! Clearance sales all the time, lots of designer wear, etc.

    Anyhoo, they have a fragrance section so of course I had to check it out. Yes they had things at below department store prices, but there were no outrageous, TJ Maxx-style bargains to be had (e.g. 3.4 oz Ysatis was $49.99, good savings off department store but not rock bottom).

    However, they had Annick Goutals for $29.99, and a variety of scents as well. There were no testers and I have never owned a Goutal, but it seemed to me a good price for what seems to be a well respected perfume. Would love to have some opinions about Goutals and this price point. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Annick Goutals at Loehmann's (NYC)

    I'd say that sounds pretty fantastic! I wish I lived in New York. 100mls of Annick Goutal goes for about $100 CAN at the Bay in Montreal.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutals at Loehmann's (NYC)

    Annick Goutal fragrances are rather high end and mostly very natural smelling. $30 for a 100 ml bottle (?) is a STEAL, especially in the US, since it's all imported there. I'd say give it a try, fragrances such as Eau d'Hadrien can't hurt in your wardrobe.
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    Default Re: Annick Goutals at Loehmann's (NYC)

    $30 is a great price for Annick Goutal frags. They're usually about $65 - $95, depending on size. I don't know what type of scents you like, but l'eau d'Hadrien seems universally liked and would be a nice addition to anyone's wardrobe, as BrothaG mentioned. It's a citrus fragrance on a woody base, very refreshing on hot summer days, though I wear it whenever I feel like it. I also have Gardenia Passion and Grand Amour, both florals. I haven't tried all the AG's but I seem to like most I try. Songes doesn't work for me, turns weird and rubbery on my skin, the only one so far that I dislike.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutals at Loehmann's (NYC)

    Ah! Loehmann's!! Mecca for the savvy shopper! No changing rooms - no bags - FAB finds!!

    YOU GO GIRL! Some wonderful frags - and if they've got any Chevrefeuille - pick up one for me!!! :bounce:
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