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    Default Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    A few weeks back I started a thread asking which colognes I should purchase from an island kiosk in a mall, since they were pretty much dumping their supply after Christmas. If I had more money, I would have bought a few at the time, but most of the fragrances I've never smelled before. You guys gave me a few good suggestions, and I headed down (this time with cash), to make a purchase... or three.

    But it wasn't to be. Just as I got there, they were finishing packing everything in boxes, the register long gone. I'd missed my shot.

    Oh well, back to combing the Marshall's' and TJ Maxxs of the area. At one store, typically the most junky in the area (a real craphole that really hurts the TJ Maxx corporate image), they had two gift sets of Salvador Dali PH that included a 100ml, a body lotion, and an 8ml mini. Problem was, one of the gift sets was missing its big bottle, the other was obviously purchased as a gift, as it still had remnants of tape and wrapping paper on it. There was also a healty portion of the product missing from the bottle, as if the original recipient decided to go with 40 sprays, and probably very nearly died of asphyxiation- hence the return. I strolled through the clearance section in the men's clothes. Stuff was strewn about, and it really looked like a pig stye. I came across a dress shirt that caught my eye, with a very detailed stich and very high-quality fabric. I checked the tag, and was shocked- it was an Armani Collezioni. How the hell it wound up there, I'll have no idea. It was a great shirt, but I wasn't about to shell out $150 on it (yes, it was on clearance for $150!). Okay, I'm getting off track as usuall...

    So I finally found a pristine Salvador Dali PH giftset at the Marshall's in Monroeville, so I picked it up. Immediatly when I got in the car, I took out the bottle and sprayed a few shots on my wrist. BAM! I was in love!

    The first thing that came to mind was wet hay and honey. Not clean, wet hay, mind you, but the stuff that's probably been slept on by a few animals. No urine, but a certain dirtyness to it that's actually appealing. The honey was like a warm clover honey, straight from one of those squeezy-bears. The effect is a very dark sweetness. Under all of this is a bit of greenness, to my nose somewhat reminiscent of Francesco Smalto PH, but toned down a bit. Once it's toned down a bit, you are left with a dark, smoldering sweetness accented by tobacco, leather, and sandalwood. It's smooth and mysterious, and simply sublime.

    I understand people perceive things differently, but sometimes I wonder if I'm smelling the same juice as some of the reviewers in the directory. This is the kind of scent that offers the quality and uniqueness that I would hope for in a niche scent, but frequently fail to find. The fact that this stuff can be had for $20 really surprises me. I rarely go ga-ga over a scent, as I've bought too many mediocre ones simply because I could have them cheap, but this is one of those finds that makes it all worth it, to me.

    Anyone else really love this stuff? How about you haters? I'd like to hear your viewpoints, either way.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    This sounds very similar to Halston Z-14 and Maxim's pour homme. I love and have both. Now I am curious to try this.
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    Savador Dali PH is a hidden and underrated gem in the mens fragrance market. Also, it employs an excellant use of florals for a mens fragrance.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    For me this is total grandma perfume. I bought the same set as you, blind (I get everything blind!) sure I would love it because I'd heard it compared with Zino which I adore, but oh dear. I don't loathe it as much as the first time I tried it which gave me a horrible headache, but it's one of those sharp "treble" fragrances, and it's kind of sour, and just not good on me. If anyone's interested in the set, be my guest.
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    It used to get a lot of similar praise on the old board. I know I have a bottle, but it seems almost appropriate that there's a blimp on the radar every once in a while to remind me it's there--but then the chatter disappears almost as quickly.
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    here's the site, seems the line is still quite active. I have Leroy Soleil and just bought a few more to collect.

    the Houses used and perfumer credited.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    This is one of those scents that i really like but that i rarely wear.
    It pains me that i don't use it as much as it deserves!

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    I bought the set as well, and I really like it. But I then I got two other fragrances and a bunch of samples for Christmas, and so I haven't been using this much. I might have to use it today.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece


    Love it.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    Yes, a maligned masterpiece alright. I think it's terrific and one of the most 'out there' fragrances that I own. The downside is that I cannot imagine that it would garner any compliments from the opposite sex.

    One spray to the chest is like shooting yourself with a brown bullet.

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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    Man, you guys have been sniffing too much ... fragrances!

    I'm going to conduct an experiment and wear this in PUBLIC. On a day when I have to interact with people. I'll give a full report here afterwards.
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    Default Re: Salvador Dali PH - A Maligned Masterpiece

    Well, I actually got an out-of-the-blue complement on this the first day I had it on. I was in Pittsburgh at the Waterfront shopping complex checking out Filene's Closet and the TJ Maxx and Marshalls that are a few doors away from each other. Of course, I was checking out the fragrances, as were a 20s-somthing couple. The lady said, "man, something smells good!" and the guy agreed. Pretty much everything there was open and strewn about, so I checked out the clothes a bit. The same couple ended up walking by me again, and the lady said, "It's him! It's him! He's the one that smells good!" and asked me what I had on. She kept going on and on about how wonderful it smelled (I probably had too much on because most scents aren't this potent and I gave it my usual application), and her boyfriend looked like he was getting pissed because he was probably insecure and jealous that she kept talking to me.

    A few hours later I went to Shady Side to check out Sephora, Schiller's Pharmacy, and Toadflax to check out the good fragrance selection. Toadflax is my favorite of the three, with a good selection of niche fragrances. The guy there complemented that I smelled really good, and asked what I had on. They had a bottle of Creed Royal English Leather, the one Creed I have been trying to track down and smell. Alas, they didn't have a tester, but the guy opened the box and sprayed me a sample. Man is it wonderful! I can't believe this stuff is as old as they say. He told me I could have the bottle for $70! I was so mad because I spent all my money on clothes and other stuff earlier in the day. I would have so jumped at that offer. Oh well, maybe next time!

    But Dali just keeps getting better and better to my nose each time I wear it! A real keeper!
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