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    My sister gave me Nicolai Fig Tea for my birthday. We had sampled it in Paris and I have lusted after it ever since. It is every bit as wonderful as I remember it on that rainy French morning. I just love it and had to share my happiness to actually own it at last!
    Merci ma soeur!

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    Happy birthday to you, Loukoumi, and congratulations on a wonderful gift. I have never thought of it, but, actually it sounds right: tea will round up the fig and give it a transparent (or smoky?) quality, and fig would keep tea in place. Now, please tell us all how it wears on you: more tea or fig? How does it compare to other fig fragrances out there? TIA.
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    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a nice one--sure sounds like it!

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    Do tell more about the frag, Loukoumi. And happy .

    I have a kinship with Carthusia IO Capri. It's the closest thing to wearing "me" I've experienced. On first whiff, I have to reposition my focus to orient my expectations because it's not like other 'fumes. Then this liquid and I become engaged. The product description reads: Mature notes of wild fig are blended with the livelier notes of tea leaves to create this dynamic and feisty fragrance. Feisty? It's just the opposite. It's subtle and natural, sweet with no sharp edges.

    Does this parallel your impression of Nicolai Fig Tea?

    Oh, yeah. One last thing: hubby doesn't "get" this frag. Thinks it's stinky. [Shrugs shoulders]
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes!
    I love fig fragrances, and Quarry, I have sampled and appreciate your sentiments about Io Capri. I love it at first smell. the drydown for me is a little disappointing, I wish that initial blast would last and last and it would be my favorite fig. I also adore L'Artisan Premier Figuier. which is very very figgy. My partiality to it may be that it was the first non floral fragrance to capture me and propell me into a new dimension in perfume passion.

    Nicolai Fig Tea is actually very unfiggy to my nose. It smells like osmanthus and apricots. I really like it but I wouldn't describe it as figgy.

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