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    Default Took your collective advice, now what/where/when?

    After a long term "scentless" relationship with a woman whose migraines could be triggered by perfumes/colognes, I'm again a candidate for smelling good.

    I took your collective advice (after much reading) and made the following purchases:

    Chanel - Egoiste
    Givenchy - Very Irresistible
    Green Irish Tweed - Creed
    Rochas Man
    Terre de Hermes
    Vetiver - Guerlain
    YSL - M7

    The GIT and Terre arrived a week ago. The GIT is fantastic....really knocked my socks off! Terre is quite nice, but strong and long-lasting. The rest arrived today and first impressions are all very good, but a little too much "sniffing" for me in one evening.

    My questions:

    1) What, where, when do you wear each of these (above) scents? Day, night, date, sports, Fall, Spring, in/outdoors, restaurant, etc.

    2) How do you rotate your scents? Or do you choose one for a period of time, then switch?

    3)I've determined I can apply 4/5 sprays of GIT without offending, but only 1/2 of Terre de Hermes (and it's still there 24+ hours later!) Any advice on the rest of my initial collection?

    Many thanks to basenotes and it's members for giving such good, thorough advice on what has always been a difficult decision for me.

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    Default Re: Took your collective advice, now what/where/when?

    Those are some good ones!

    I'd wear Egoiste in the evening and a light application for the office. VI is a good evening wear, I think. Again, perhaps for the office as well with a light application. I believe Terre d'Hermes is good anytime.

    I hate Guerlain Vetiver so I can't recommend when to wear it, if at all.

    I rotate my scents based on how I'm feeling that day, no aforethought .
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