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    Default Sillage and corresponding numbers?

    I am new to understanding perfumes (though I've been wearing perfume for a long time but in an amateur-ish way). I keep reading on this forum about SILLAGE and I have noticed that some people even quantify it, on a scale.

    What is SILLAGE? I sort of got from the context that it is the degree to which the perfume forms a cloud around you, or how much it spreads around. A perfume with high sillage would be the opposite of one that only smells close to the skin, is that correct?

    If I got this right, could anyone give me examples of perfumes with very high sillage? What is the highest number?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Sillage and corresponding numbers?

    I'm actually trying to look this think you are right. Good sillage means that you can smell it in the aura of the wearer and not just up close. Funny thing, is, often I'm looking only for close to the skin sillage...sometimes if someone elses perfume has GREAT sillage, it's not so great for me!! Also, what's it called when someone hugs you & you smell THEM for the rest of the day!? If you find anything else out, please post it. You've already taght me something by asking your question. Thanks! OH AND ByTHE WAY... zztopp has great commentary on perfumes. You could check out his reviews as he frequently talks sillage...he knows which perfumes have high/low.
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    Default Re: Sillage and corresponding numbers?

    Hi to you syracusa! Welcome to basenotes!

    You have it all right, and sillage is the French word for the wake of a ship. I like fragrances that wear close to skin, since too much scent whacking at my nose makes me yearn for an oxygen tank. I'm fond of a few perfume oil formulations for this reason, where a little dab'll do ya, but last a long time.

    I'm not familiar with a rating system, so I bet it is an informal takeoff of the ratings we give to frags in our wardrobes--> 1 to 5, but just specifically for the sillage aspect.

    I love kai perfume oil, safe to say it's my Holy Grail of summer. They recently offered it in a much awaited EdP, which I bought ASAP. It made me frantic, and I found myself tilting my head back, to see if the air was better above my head. I took a shower at three in the afternoon and swapped it. Now I have Nahema for it, and am pleased as punch (thanks tinker!)

    I can't bring the other sillage monsters to mind, since I shy away from them, but many 80's fragrances had that quality, and I find many of the orientals to be powerhouses -- Opium, for one.

    Hopefully, more answers will come. There aren't as many women as men here, so you may want to post a thread on the main board FFD which gets more traffic, for everyone's favorite 'Sillage Monster.' It's a very good question (especially since I don't know the answer--it must be a good question!!! LOL!)

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