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    Default Aftershave vs. EDT?

    I was searching some forums here on BN and found that there was a $10 off coupon for FragranceNet, and according to one user, that the free shipping on orders $60 and up would work at the same time. So, of course, I wanted to get both Fahrenheit and Very Irresitible.

    Problem is, though, that after subtracting $10 from the total, I wound up with $59.78. Only 22 cents to 60! Then I saw that Very Irresistible has an aftershave that costs a few dollars more but is 3.4 fl oz, as opposed to the 1.7 fl oz I was planning on getting. My question is: what's the difference?

    Also, do you think I should get a bottle of Fahrenheit larger than 1.7 oz? I just got a sample a few days ago and I'm already in love..
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    Default Re: Aftershave vs. EDT?

    The difference between Aftershave and EDT is basically the concentration of scent oils in the bottle. EDT has much higher concentrations of the scent oils then Aftershave, such the lower cost. As a result, the EDT will last much longer then the Aftershave version.

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs. EDT?

    Aftershaves you splash on your face after shaving.

    Some are around half the strength of the EDT, and you could use them as a cologne if you wanted to (which would be good for three or four hours). But, because that strength still stings some guys too much, some after shave splashes are a lot less than half the EDT concentration, and wouldn't last much more than two hours if used as a cologne.


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    Default Re: Aftershave vs. EDT?

    Get the edt, not the aftershave. To add a few dollars to your order, pick out a sample. They cost about $3. That should do the trick.

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