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    Default Hi I am new to Basenotes!!! I was rec. here by ro

    someone at makeup alley. I love fragrance and have purchased several over the last 3 years. Some I love, some I like , some I don't. I am interested in selling some here, (some just sprirtzed once or twice, I am a buy before you try gal, I live out in the boonies , so if something looks purty, I but it) I would like to know how the selling of fragrance on this sight works. Do you post? then someone emails you if you interested? Is is up to you to decide check or money order? I have never dealt with Ebay , and not familar with this. TIA

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    Default Re: Hi I am new to Basenotes!!! I was rec. here by ro

    Marketplace guidelines

    Welcome to the board.
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