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    Default Twill Rose to Suit

    As I was ordering my Iris Bleu Gris from Aus Liebe Zum Duft some days ago my eye was caught by the new Rose frag from Rosine-Twill Rose.

    I ordered a sample and now that it has arrived I feel both happy and sad. I am happy, in that in Twill Rose I have found a really nice new take on Rose for a man and sad that, in spite of my promises to myself about New Frag Frugality in 2007, I am bound to see a full bottle arrive before long.

    I love the artistry in this frag. It is a very much 'Quieter' yet more self assured cousin of Rose Poivre not as dark and heavy as Voleur De Roses, not as piquant as Opone, but nevertheless benignly serious; a Rose Fragrance in The Know

    Starting out quite green, shimmering with energising pepper, the Rose and sweetening Violet heart notes give way to a very evocative and satisfying woodiness-causing for me at least- a fond remembrance of the woodiness of Ramin desks on returning to school after the holidays.

    Strangely even, the frag truly does evoke images of Twill Suited Academics, sun warmed wood panelling and Cloistered Centres of Learning...

    Twill Rose---A Rose to conjugate...
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