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    Default Hello, and Help :)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm glad I've found this wonderful community and resource.

    I am a 24 year old woman, and everyone (department stores, magazines, other people) seem to think I should smell like a sugar coated flower or perhaps chocolate icing with sprinkles. Yuck.

    The scents (notes?) I love are amber, musk, vanilla, and other 'skin' type scents. Am I correct in thinking the category of fragrances I enjoy is oriental, or woodsy-oriental?

    Department stores fragrances are starting to leave me a bit bored, I think I'm looking for a fragrance that's a bit more exotic, and artisan

    Fragrances I currently like are Narciso Rodriguez for women, Enchantress by stacked style, Gucci II, and the original Stella (even thought it is not oriental in the slightest).

    If anyone would be so kind as to recommend me some perfumes or even fragrances houses I would be very grateful.

    Also, I am in Australia, so if anyone knows of companies that ship to Australia, that would be wonderful too. I am already waiting for my Luckyscent Sample Pack, which I hope I will enjoy

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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    hello and welcome.

    i had problems looking for scents i liked as well. the problem was limiting myself to what my gender said i should wear. i hate sweet or floral... that pretty much eliminates womens fragrances. i wear mostly mens or unisex fragrances.

    the point here is to not limit your choices. amber is a popular note in mens fragrances.

    i have recently discovered, being relatively new to this too, commes de garcon, kyoto and guerlain's vetiver. i also like to wear an old favorite of mine, the men's burbery london. this one has a hint of vanillia, but mainly a lavendar, amber smell. burberry has a few choices you may like. you said you ordered samples from luckyscent. they are terrific, and ordering samples is the least expensive way to discover what you like and do not like...

    good luck


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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    Hello Neodynium! Welcome!

    Amber, vanilla, and spices pretty much define orientals to me. I am a floral girl myself, and I love several vanillas but avoid amber/spice in any great degree. So, I can tell you my biggest whole house disappointment would be Montale. I got a 34 sample pack off ebay and haven't really liked a one. More research suggests their whole idea is rich oriental fragrances....duh. SO, maybe you'd be happy there!

    Stella isn't spicy, but it is rose and amber to the max of both, no wonder you like it!

    I can recommend as the best site I know of for lots of info on categories and what frag goes where. Go into the encyclopedia and explore to your hearts desire!

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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Neodymium

    The scents (notes?) I love are amber, musk, vanilla, and other 'skin' type scents.
    Oh hooray! I'm the first one to suggest Gaultier2. It's THE amber, musk, vanilla scent . I think it's just what you're looking for! Also, a great "skin" type frag is CK be. Very inexpensive and easy to find.

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    Hi Neodymium,
    welcome aboard!
    Indeed it's full of candy-like fruity cheerleaders out of here... Nice to see you go ahead your way! Narciso Rodriguez for her is a beautiful frag!
    For another different yet skin type scent, give Hermès Eau des Merveilles a try. You won't be disappointed

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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    Thanks everyone, I'll look into all your helpful suggestions

    Thanks to shycat especially, I'm glad to know why I liked stella when it seemed to me to be such a flowery fragrance!

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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    Welcome, from another Australian! I'm in Brisbane, I must say you'll probably have better luck than I've had with tracking down rare fragrances to sample in your area.

    You have a pretty decent wardrobe already, so I don't think I can help you much. But stick around this community for a while and you'll find more suggestions than you can keep up with.

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    Default Re: Hello, and Help :)

    I love Stella! This surprises me because I used to think that rose fragrances were "icky". Another one I can't get enough of is Ghost by Scannon. It is much lighter then Stella, but lovely none the less.

    Try the Burberry's. Burberry Brit, Red and the Gold are wonderful. My favorite is the Gold. It is very spicy with a vanilla dry down. The Red starts off with Rhubarb and ends with vanilla. I just complimented on this at work the other day. The Brit is vanilla and amber with many luscious notes in between.

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