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    Thumbs up Pure White it on my wife!!

    I just bought Cindy another bottle of Estee Lauder's Pure White Linen...she's on her second. She also owns Hermes 24' fauburg, which smells incredible as well. But PWL is definetly our all-time favorite hands down. PWL manages to smell green, fresh and creamy at once...from top-notes to drydown. And so versatile and long-lasting. I can still smell it on her 12 hours after application. It's aromatherapy for me to bury my nose in her neck after a hard day's work and deeply inhale...ahhh. Such a sensual freshness.
    Best of all is that i discovered this gem and introduced her to it...and loves it as much as i do! (she's very picky about perfumes.)
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    Default Re: Pure White it on my wife!!

    How nice for you and wifey, knightowl, thanks for posting!
    I like White Linen, love White Linen Breeze, but PWL I found strange and awkward when sniffing it from a paper strip, although I knew it was rather different from the two others. When it comes to paper strips ("mouillettes"), I find that a scent sometimes smells better on the paper than it does on my skin, sometimes its the opposite. Hope for the latter in this case!!
    *runs to the shop for testing on skin*

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    Default Re: Pure White it on my wife!!

    I used to wear White Linen and noticed that men really seemed to love the stuff, although to me it was kind of ordinary! I haven't tried Pure White Linen yet but looking at the notes it does sound heavenly... I'll definitely give it a try.

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    Default Re: Pure White it on my wife!!

    What a sweet husband you are! A keeper for sure. I like Pure White Linen, too. I can't remember whether I actually liked it on ME or not, but I definitely liked it on the test strip. I must remember to test it again next time I'm near an EL counter.

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    Default Re: Pure White it on my wife!!

    I'm very glad.
    I could never made friends with the original and when it came out i thought it was a MAJOR improvement.
    I also liked it at first sniff and the drydown is as good as the top.
    I also have to mention that i messed up my review as usual, i tend to write those up in a very fast way..."this one is very nicer" (WTF??).


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