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    Default Carrier Experimentation

    Has anyone experimented with using a mixture of alcohol and oil as a carrier or base for their fragrances. I'm curious about how this would affect the drydown and evolution of the fragrance over the hours or if it noticeably changes the fragrance from the start. Does this affect shelf life? Anyone play around with this? What proportions have you tried?

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    Smile Re: Carrier Experimentation

    From my experiences, carrier oils will not mix with alcohol. So if you order essentials and you are using alcohol as a base in your fragrance , I would recommend pure essentials. Sometimes they dilute essential oils with jojoba or fractionated coconut oils. Both, I have found , will not mix with alcohol. Maybe there is a way , I'm no expert. But I've wasted some expensive oils trying to mix them with jojoba and alcohol. Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Carrier Experimentation

    What about other vegetable oils - almond, grapeseed etc?

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    Default Re: Carrier Experimentation

    I doesn't work to mix alcohol with jojoba oil as a carrier. I tried some alcohol-based blends, and a few of the essential oils that were in them were "cut" with jojoba oil, but the end result was that the notes were not distinct, and the blends were not very intense. I'm strictly an alcohol-carrier man.

    By the way, I tried the advice to add several drops of glycerin to my blends, and the result of that was that, when I sprayed the fragrance on my skin, it took forever to dry...the "fat" in the glycerin stayed on the surface of the skin and took a long time to evaporate. Maybe the solution is just to use a few drops of glycerin (to help the fragrance last) and not a lot.

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    Default Re: Carrier Experimentation

    Just some thoughts to keep in mind here.

    1) Jojoba is actually a very light wax, not an oil. Thus the issues with alcohol.

    2) Glycerin (aka Glycerol) is a type of alcohol that is *very* hydroscopic (it attracts/absorbs water). That is why it inhibits drying.

    p.s. - glycerin has no "fat"

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