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    Default How come they are so much less online?

    After a Coco Mademoiselle purchased online, I am a bit aprehensive about online purchases anywhere.

    For exampl,e I found Samsara at parfum1 with 49USD 3.4oz EDP compared to 110 USD retail price.

    How is this even possible?
    Wouldn't I be likely to receive a bottle of inferior quality if I bought online as opposed to the department store? There is a 60 dollars difference afterall!!
    Even if that is not counterfeit, maybe it is a bottle from an old stock?

    Would you purchase with such a huge difference in price compared to department stores?

    Perfume1 was recommended on this forum as a reputable dealer.

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    Default Re: How come they are so much less online?

    I buy from often (too often ) & I haven't had any problem at all with the perfumes they sell. If a scent is stored away from heat & light it will last decades. I will not to buy a scent that's listed as "unboxed", that's a no-no for me.

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    Default Re: How come they are so much less online?

    Here is what I read in a review for Mille done on this site:

    "It is best to try Jean Patou (Mille) 1000 at an authorized distributor, such as Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus because their supply is fresh. They tell me that they often run out because production is limited. That is good, because natural products have a shelf life. A discount bottle from Internet might be good enough for a first try, but if you like it, buy the best you can afford".

    I often thought that there's got to be a difference between the fragrance you'd buy in the department store and the one online - beyond the fancy environment that you make your purchase in. The price difference is just too big.
    Obviosuly, it has to do with shelf life but I am not sure how serious the difference is.

    Since perfumes tend to disappear on me very quickly, I am really afraid of the online purchases though the savings are soooo attractive...

    Any other opinions from experts?...

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    Default Re: How come they are so much less online?

    I have made many online purchases and have bought discounted scents at Marshalls and similar spots..I have never had a quality problem despite the savinigs. Several months ago I noticed an SA unpacking a box of was shipped directly from the manufacturer, which rather stunned me. But I am delighted with my savings and only pay full price for things I can NOT find discounted.
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