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    Default Celebrity perfumes

    I just wanted to ask people here how they feel about celebrity perfumes.
    To me, regardless of how the fragrance smells, if it's got a celebrity name on it, it is a major putt-off. I can't explain why I have such an averse reaction to celebrity perfumes. (Or maybe I can, but I will spare you of the "deep philosophy" behind it. )

    If on top of that, the name is PH or BS - I just cannot picture who in the world would want to purchase a fragrance associated with those horrific images? I know, you will say "teeny boppers" but I think that part of me desperately wants to believe that there are no people of that category, even among teeny boppers. I am obviously wrong.

    However, even fragrances associated with names like Isabella Rosselini - even those are a put off. SJP ditto - not that she is anywhere near the distinctiveness of Rosselini. The fragrance may be "lovely" but I don't even care to try it because it is associated with a "celebrity".

    I guess I just dislike this whole "celebrity" concept.

    I want a perfume to be "me" - not to make me feel like I am pathetically trying to copy a "celebrity", whatever this word means...

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    Default Re: Celebrity perfumes

    Ooops. Being new to the forum I did not realize this was an overly analyzed topic. To me, it was something I could not wait to get off my chest.

    I read the previous posts and I got it, It's what I thought it was.

    Sorry for the repeat.

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    Default Re: Celebrity perfumes

    As a newbie having not had the chance to add my two "scents" on this topic, I will just say that I don't care about packaging, house, or if a celeb slaps their name on a bottle, if I love the fragrance, I love it. It's not like they are the chemist creating the formula.

    Now if you dislike a celeb and you don't want to make them one more penny richer, then that is a different subject because that has nothing to do with the fragrance itself. has to do with principle. I can completely respect that.
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