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    Can anybody describe Ambra de Nepal from this line? Thanks

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    Ambra del Nepal is one of my favorite ambers. It's full and rounded, and lightly spiced with cardamon. It smells like it uses high quality ingredients - a good, non-foody vanilla, and rich amber with no thin or brittle notes.
    I'm not an amber lover per se, as I find some of them warm but.. well, boring. They need to have a little bit more going on than an amber note to grab me. The cardamon in this one appeals to me.

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    This one falls into powdery amber territory. In that it is very distinctive. It is the antithesis of something like Ambre Sultan (which contains a vat of benzoin). It is very warm, and I didn't find that it developed much over the course of wearing. Enveloping might be a good descriptor. If you like it, you might also like their Zenzero. This, the Ambra, and Vaniglia seem to be based around the same powdery foundation.

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