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    Default Santos: EDT, Concentree & Sport

    I was VERY fortunate to get the 100ml EDT and decants of Concentree and Sport from the generous Gimpy (thanks again!! ) It took me a while to find the opportunity to wear them all and compare. But just wearing these unknown, to me, was an eye-opener to say the least.

    All three are definitely quality fragrances.

    I do find the original to be the best though - the Concentree is extremely dry (close to arid) when compared to the EDT, and lacks the lavender overdose...evident in the original (I LOVE lavender).

    Also, to my nose, the Sport is much similar to the EDT, but lacks the longevity and the overwhelming sillage which I appreciate of the original (on initial application at least). This may be due to only having the decant...

    Any thoughts? Maybe I need the third (dry) gem from the 80'ties era: Paco Rabanne - Tenere...hint hint
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    Default Re: Santos: EDT, Concentree & Sport

    My personal experience with the Santos line is that I prefer Santos Sport greatly over the other two. The concentree didn't mix with my body chemistry at all. And I found the original (new formula) not even close to as good as the "impossible to find" old formula. Not bad, but if you've tried the original formula, you know what I mean.

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    Default Re: Santos: EDT, Concentree & Sport

    What exactly is the old formula and when was it changed? I have older packaging (brown glass bottle w/gold trim and silver cap) instead of the new dark colored plastic bottle. I think I purchased mine in 1996 for full retail at Nordies. I can DEFINITELY tell a difference between mine and the new stuff.

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