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    Default Chopard Pour Homme thoughts

    I love Casran and wanted to try the new Chopard Pour Homme. So I called NYC and received a lovely sample in a little gorgeous blue bottle.

    At first sniff, it reminds me a bit like Tommy Bahama and Lacoste Essential... you know the kind, but then comes the amazing dry down. It's pretty awesome with excellent longevity. The dry down reminds me of Dior Homme which I love - just sweet enough without too much of that familiar pencil shaving scent which I am not really fond of.

    This stuff is good juice. Still sampling it, but for now, I like it quite a bit.
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: Chopard Pour Homme thoughts

    Thanks for your review.

    I LOVE Casran and Nemo is a really good one too, but I got turned off by this one when I read a review that said it was kinda of an aquatic, citrusy scent...but your review makes me want to test it.

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