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Thread: Ciara/Cerissa

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    Default Ciara/Cerissa

    Since we have a thread going on about Ciara, I wanted to know if any others remember Cerissa.

    I used to love both of these scents, and am thinking about trying them again. I found Cerissa at and HOLY SMOKES 1 oz. is going for 74.99!!

    I believe it's still in production but that's pricey for Charles Revson. I can't find alot of information out there as to production, just that Cerissa is Ciara's sweeter sister.

    Hmmm I love a mystery!

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    Thanks for the tip about where Cerissa can be purchased. I had heard that it was long gone. (although their asking price too high). Does anyone know of any perfume similar to Cerissa. I always loved it.

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    Default Re: Ciara/Cerissa

    I just got a previously loved bottle of Cerissa for $25 on e-bay. Somebody gave me a bottle when I was 13 or 14. 3XAsif gave me a sample of Le Galion Snob, and suddenly I wanted to be 13 again.
    I like Cerissa better than Ciara, although I wore Ciara in my early 20s.

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