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  • Envy for men by Gucci

    3 7.14%
  • Terre d'Hermes by Hermes

    20 47.62%
  • Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    2 4.76%
  • Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

    7 16.67%
  • M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

    6 14.29%
  • The Dreamer by Versace

    4 9.52%
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    Default Final Recommendations

    I've selected the following fragrances that you have recommended from my previous threads. My selection was based on my own personal reviews and also what my local shop has in stock.

    1) Appropriate for a warm-hot climate. Possibly a summer fragrance.
    2) Excellent longevity and sillage (from your experience).
    3) Not "worn by the crowd", so to speak.

    Envy for men by Gucci
    Terre d'Hermes by Hermes
    Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent
    Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent
    M7 by Yves Saint Laurent
    The Dreamer by Versace

    The last criterion isn't too important, as long as the fragrance satisfies the first two. Once again, I've polled the thread so please vote.
    If you find it difficult to choose just one, just mention your top two choices.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    the only real summer fragrance in that list is probably Live Jazz. But that does not have good longevity on me at all. You could make The Dreamer (my vote) or TdH work for summer though.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    It's not a problem since I will be wearing it mostly at nights. In my country the night temp. is around 26C. For some of you, that's a summer temperature.

    Don't base your votes on "real" summer fragrances, but rather on the longevity and sillage of the frag. The scent itself doesn't matter either, since I may like what you dislike and vice versa.
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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Live Jazz and TdH fit your criteria the best. I voted for the former. I think that Live Jazz has great sillage and longevity, works very well in warm weather, and is definately not worn by many people. At least for me though this fragrance took a while for me to come around on.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Thanks for the feedback, The_Giraffe.

    Does anyone know whether summer fragrances would fear well (or as good as others) in an air-conditioned environment?
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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Of the choices above, I'd go with d'Hermès or M7. I haven't tried the Live Jazz, but some of the reviews concern me. I would definitely get a sample of Live Jazz before I bought it blind...(that pretty much goes with most frags though)

    D'Hermès is pleasant and it has a much better following here than I would have suspected...and it also has positive reviews by some members who's opinion I respect most.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Be aware that Live Jazz has a strong coriander note which becomes more pronounced if you use more than three sprays -

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Honestly, I can't imagine Envy, M7, or Body Kouros working well for you in a hot and humid climate. You may feel like you are being choked. They should be fine if you are in A/C all the time, but in the swampy air, they would be extremely heavy. I actually wonder if some here were pulling your leg in originally recommending those! Due to the heaviness and sweetness of those 3 (all of which I like very much BTW, just for cold weather), I would have to recommend Live Jazz or Terre. Though I don't care much for either of those two, and if I may, would like to add M7 Fresh and Jaipur Fresh, which should give you what you want without the heaviness of the 3 mentioned.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Of those three, only Envy was recommended to me, but I don't think anyone was trying to fool. I'm still going to sample M7 though, as I believe it may work at night.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by zztopp
    Be aware that Live Jazz has a strong coriander note which becomes more pronounced if you use more than three sprays -

    Yeah zztopp is right!
    But anyways,
    Live Jazz was my favorite frag(for winter too!)
    So I recommend it! I don't like Terre d'Hermes, The Dreamer or Envy.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    All of them except M7 and The Dreamer are suitable for warm/hot climate.

    I would recommend Envy because of its longevity and sillage..just spray less in warm weather if you're afraid that the scent would be too overpowering. It's probably one of the longest lasting out of all those in your poll and would easily last a whole day.

    Live Jazz and Terre d'Hermes are good choices too but they won't last as long as Envy and their sillage isn't as good. Live Jazz is much better for daytime use though..while Terre d'Hermes I would recommend for evening.

    As for M7 you would want to try M7 Fresh instead. It is much better for warm climates.

    For my top two choices I would say Envy and Terre d'Hermes

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    I would say that it is between Live Jazz and Terre d'Hermes because they are the only ones that would work in hot climates. The others would be cloying and suffocate you. I would second the M7 Fresh option. That would win over all the rest any day.

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    Default Re: Final Recommendations

    M7 Fresh seems like a great choice, but doesn't it last much less than the original M7?
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