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    Default Should I or shouldn't I

    I am thinking of getting a bottle of Mitsouko. I can get the EDT for very little on Ebay. The problem is that I have sampled it four times and have not liked it at all. But whenever I hear people talk of it, even perfumers themselves they go, goo goo and sing it's praises and so I was thinking that maybe if I really, really tried that maybe I could discover the mystery. I am really trying to decide. Yes? or No?

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Honestly, there are two valid answers to your question. This may not help at all, but I'll try to give them both.

    1. No, you shouldn't. If you don't like something, you shouldn't try to force yourself into it. Reputation means very little when it's just you and your sillage; if you don't like the way you smell, then you're going to have a bad day. From what I know of you, you have great and adventurous tastes, and there are probably a dozen perfumes on your personal wish list that will satisfy you more than this name-based buy. Also, Mitsouko is a Guerlain, and like most Guerlains, the lower concentration is less likable than its more expensive friends - meaning that if you want to explore the perfume, it might be better to get a decant of EdP or parfum than a whole bottle of EdT.

    2. Yes, you totally should! It's Mitsouko! Mitsouko EdT was a blind buy for me, and like you, I got it because of all the raves. I thought it smelled like bug spray, and my SO (whose highest compliment is "you smell like candy") hated it because it wasn't sweet at all. But I entered into a love affair with it, and there are weeks when it is all I will wear. (If I haven't posted on the SotD, just assume it's Mitsouko.) It's such a complex and unique fragrance that it can be off-putting at first, but having a bottle around can force you to try it again and again, and you may very well wind up an addict.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I


    You must test the parfum or edp and then decide how you feel about Mitsouko. On my skin Mitsouko is very different in the edt form. Incidentally, so is Shalimar. The Shalimar edt is like a shadow of the "real" Shalimar. After the parfum you may "see" Mitsouko in a different light. (Of course, you may still dislike it, in which case you wouldn't want the edt anyways, LOL!)

    I think Mitsouko is amazing, beautiful, haunting, stunning...all that. But I can't wear it. For some reason it sort of depresses me. I have a mini parfum that I open just to sniff once and awhile. To me the edt is a lot sharper, and it "feels" different.

    TJ Maxx had Mitsouko edt overflow a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember if you're in LA or OC, but I'm sure we have similar TJ Maxx stock here in SoCal.

    Let us know what you decide!

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    You know, I've been having this same argument with my self for exactly the same reasons. After reading a lot of reviews online, here's my conclusion: everyone is raving about the classic Mitsouko, and we tried the reformulated version, which, especially in EDT, is a pale shadow of its former self. Apparently the substitute they are using for the coumarin in the original is responsible for the overwhelming hay note -- that's probably what ruined it for us latecomers.

    So here's my solution: I definitely have to give Mitsouko another shot, but not in EDT formulation (unless I'm certain it's vintage, from a trusted source). I'm waiting until I'm ready to spring for a sample of pure parfum (hoping that will be truer to the original).

    I'd love to hear from someone on EDP vs. EDT?
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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    The thing is, this "reformulation" is really hazy and unsubstantiated. Luca Turin started to ring the alarm about it quite a while ago, and when I joined Basenotes, there was a lengthy thread about it, but didn't Turin post even more recently that it hadn't happened yet? I don't have the original to compare to, but whenever this topic comes up, a few Basenoters post to say that the Guerlains are reformulated, and It! Is! A! Tragedy! But others post to say that they've sniffed recent bottles and that they don't detect a change. Does anyone have a concrete date for this reformulation?

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I


    Get yourself a wee decant (8-10mls) so that every time the urge to buy comes up you can remind yourself why it is not for you - without hurting your wallet.

    Many people sing the praises of Piguet Fracas - oohing and aahhing and swooning allover the place at it's 'sexy' full-blown beauty. I do not get it at all. On me it wears like soap and water - muted, subtle, 'clean'. I often find it hard to believe I am smelling the same scent. I have a wee bottle of the parfum that I am keeping to remind me just why it is not worth my while forking out for a big bottle. I love big animalic powerhouse perfumes and they usually love me but sadly Fracas is not one of them. I have far too many wonderous scents that do work to be 'wasting' my money upon one that won't.

    That being said, I did not understand Mitsouko the the first few times of trying. I had a bottle of the EDT but suddenly after having the half used bottle for a year, I found myself applying it one fresh grey rainy spring morning and it was perfect! I have loved it ever since but I find that it is mostly a 'rainy days and teardrops' perfume for me. But I will not be without it.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    You have sampled it four times and haven´t liked it at all, so - NO.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Please do not!

    Lucky enough here whose skin is favored by Mitsouko and it was not love from the first sniff. To reiterate what moondeva said, get yourself a small decant -- and I would go even for more conservative 5ml -- and wear it when you feel like it. Good luck on whatever you choose!
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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    I say no, if you tested it four timesand you didn't like it, then why buy it. you have to like it, not just because people love it. you have to love a fragrance first, always remeber that~

    also, buying fragrances at discount stores, online, ect. you have a 50% CHANCE OF GETTING BAD PERFUME, then you will really hate the stuff.
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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Definitely try a bit of the perfume. The Edt is just not the same...that has changed, indeed.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    I bought an EdT from eBay for a very reasonable price. I'm open to testing it until I "get" it, or not. I agree it's one of these "classic" scents that seem to be a rite of passage here (and perhaps elsewhere in the perfume world). I am happy I have it, willing to try it until I form an opinion on it, and that to me is worth the $20 or so I paid for it on eBay. Will one day I seek the parfum or EdP? Sure...but for now, I am starting here.
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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Ok, so the EDT is out. Tovah, I do have Shalimar and Samsara and have had both the EDT and the EDP and they are both like different perfumes altogether, the EDP is what I stick with; I know about that. So if I come across a good decant of the Mitsouko perfume then, maybe. I must be nuts. I don't even like it. And what's even nuttier is that I have so many, many that I do love. No, I won't get it and that's that. I need a vacation. LOL

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Should: You should get it for the Art Deco bottle alone. But then again, you could buy L'Heure Bleue for the same reason.

    Mitsouko goes through various temperaments on me: There's a yellow bilious phase, a bitchy mossy phase, and occasionally an insolent peach-skin phase. Sometimes it is the most discordant scent I have, and other times its imperiousness is just the ticket.

    Mostly I just admire the bottle, the name,and the idea of it.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Another "nay" here. I have the parfum (a teeny, tiny mini) and adore it, but that is the parfum, which seems to be roundly hailed as the "real deal". If you're going to spend money on it (and it is worth giving it the ole college try) then spend it on the parfum.
    Note that I've never sample any other formulation, and am therefore speaking out of my a**.
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    Talking Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    This thread has been sort of funny for me because it is going like my mind is. Yes you should, No, you shouldn't. Get the EDT. No, get the perfume. Just get the vintage. Anyway, thanks a million for all the wonderful advice. That's funny Pellen about speaking from you a$$. That's where I end up speaking from a lot.

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    Talking Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    You should buy it! Definitely! Then when you don't like it you can send it to me!

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Hmm- it's rough to decide...

    On first outting with Mitsouko I had a mini of the parfum. The opening was so peachy, moist and gorgeous I thought the rest of it would be a shoe-in for me. Well, it developed this awful, bitter note and then went completely musty on me. My husband took a whiff and said, "NO! That's really not for you."

    Of course I tried it many times after that, hoping, hoping. I've been told the EdT is different and yes, it is. It still doesn't work on me though except that it's lighter and easier to wash off when I grow tired of how much it doesn't work on me.

    For now, I'd say focus on other fragrances that you have yet to discover. A few years from now, go back to sampling Mitsouko and see if your tastes have changed. It's possible you'll smell something in it then that you just can't now.
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    Smile Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    Why I hadn't thought of just waiting a while and sampling again, I don't know. Many of you have said that. In case this sounds cheap, you have no idea how many bottles I have stupidly gotten and had to throw out. I started in on the hoarding thing. If I liked something then I must have many 3.4 oz bottles of it. It didn't dawn on me that I hadn't finished any bottle that large and so when I got to the others, they'd probably be bad or I would be tired of them or dead. So many got perfume for Christmas, even the thrift shops and I said to myself: Self, I will no longer hoard, nor will I buy something unless I am certain I like it. I will do my best to remember this. Thank you for helping me think.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    IF you don't like the EDT...don't buy it. Try another formulation...preferably parfum. If you don't like the parfum...the scent is not for you.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    When I was 16 (how long ago that was!) I had a Saturday job behind the perfume counter of Boots the Chemist, so got to try out quite a few perfumes. I loved Mitsouko right away, and although at the time I chose Diorissimo, I swapped to Mitsouko when I went away to university two years later. What surprised me was, when I said I liked it, my mother told me it was what she wore in her twenties.
    I think it's a love it or hate it perfume. I started with the EDT but bought the perfume later. I do find the perfume a bit much when first applied - there's a note in there I definitely don't care for, but once that wears off, I love it.

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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    I prefer the EDP to the EDT...if you don't like it don't force it..I'd save for something I liked
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    Default Re: Should I or shouldn't I

    I had the same thing with Shalimar, I tried the edt & didn't care for it so I bought the parfum, sprayed it one time & REALLY didn't care for it.
    It just isn't for me. I have a little dab-on parfum I'll still hold on to. Maybe someday it will speak to me.

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