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    Question Envy Men

    Anybody knows it? I know Maurice Roucel is the autor of the femenine version, but what about men counterpart?

    By the other side, Envy Men is one of the greatest, I fell in love inmediately... I love ther rounded, sweet-spicy quality, and his great sillage, and also a strange hint of delicate semi-sweet vegetal greenish (maybe the pimento? I dont know...) very accord with his color...wonderful!!

    Do you know a scent with this kind of elegant and sexy greenish-sweetness without been too fresh or earthy?

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    First that came to mind is Fou d'Absinthe. Green to the teeth and has this intoxicating and sexy sugary like quality

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    I like Envy for men a lot. It's spicy-green character is one of the most wearable I know. For a designer it's definitely in my top 10. I always feel very confident when wearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peace
    First that came to mind is Fou d'Absinthe. Green to the teeth and has this intoxicating and sexy sugary like quality
    Sounds great... I must try it!!

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    Same here, Envy is top 10, easily. The other green scent I absolutely love is Guerlain Vetiver.
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    I bought a friend of mine Gucci Envy for his b'day. He likes it very much. It is absolutely strong stuff! It's quite sexy too. There is no mistaking it for anything but a totally masculine frag!
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    To my nose, the most "similar to Envy" frag in my wardrobe to Envy is Opium PH EDP. they open differently, but the middle notes are very reminiscent of each other to me. and fwiw, Opium EDP is definitely not a "fresh" frag.

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    I have a funny little Envy story.

    I liked Envy at first, but it eventually reminded me of el-cheapo Old Spice. Yes, I'm referring to "the bottle with the ship that sails the ocean". So, off it went to another fellow Basenoter.

    Oh, well, at least I bought it for a deep discount at Perfumania and sold a decant of the stuff, too, so I didn't lose that much money.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Well, I never smelled Old Spice, but at least on me, Envy is a very sophisticated, refined, elegant and luxury smell.

    To me Opium EdP is more in the vein of Egoiste I think, with a dark and sexy sandalwood-vanilla base. I don't see Envy so dark or misterious (oriental). To me it's a semi-oriental fragance, spicy, and with somewhat "green" (I dont know if it's the pimiento-pepper combination), mixed great with the spices, but no strong vanilla here...

    That curios - at least on my skin - greenish quality (nothing rustic, earthy or vegetal) I think it makes envy less oriental like Jaipurs, Opiums, etc... and I like a lot!!

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    Envy Men is great, I don't personally find it as 'green'-smelling as others - maybe that's just me. It lasts well, but you will notice it on a LOT of other people..

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    Yea, I would agree that it really doesn't remind me of "greenness." However, it is a wonderful fragrance perfect for the colder months. It does remind me a little of MR and Zino because of the raw sexual energy I sense when smelling those fragrances.

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    Envy doesn't smell anything like Old Spice, nothing not one note

    It does smell like Mennen Skin Bracer the green one same color actually circa 1965
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