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    Default Now this is staying-power

    A couple of weeks ago, while on a trip, I wandered into a drugstore on Madison Avenue and sprayed a few scents. I'd wanted to try Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege for a long time, so I was glad to see it on the shelf and happily spritzed a scent strip. The spray went beyond the scent strip, and onto my coat. Some got on my fingers, and I tried to wash it off for the rest of the day, but I continued to smell it! During that day and the next, even while wearing other fragrance, all I could smell was Eclat d'Arpege on that coat. I wore a jacket one night because I didn't want the Eclat to clash with my fragrance.

    Today I opened my hall closet, which I haven't opened since unpacking my coat and hanging it there. The whole closet smells of Eclat d'Arpege! This is a nice smell for a closet, I suppose, but I cannot believe how persistent is this fragrance.

    If you're a fan of D&G Light Blue you must try this Eclat d'Arpege. To my nose it's very like Light Blue, but "fuller". I would easily peg it for Light Blue if I smelled it on someone else, but I would think "Oh it's parfum because it's so rich."

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    I hate when the wrong scents have staying power

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    Default Re: Now this is staying-power

    It's always the wrong scents that have staying power. It's Murphette's law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shycat
    It's always the wrong scents that have staying power. It's Murphette's law.
    Oh, this is absolutely correct!!

    I have a Joop - it smells awful and stays on and on and on. I smell it all over the place and it's only EDT.

    When I tried Samsara perfume (not EDP, perfume!!), it was waaaay below what I expected in terms of sillage and staying power.

    It iz amazing how the nastiest fragrances have the willful staying power. Quite amazing.

    Though I am sure Arpege is nice because I like D&g blue.

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    I love Eclát d'Arpège! (but i find the top notes a bit harsh)
    I haven't used it in a long time though. I do prefer by a mile the original Arpège but it's not fair to compare since they are so different.
    I have only smelled this one once on another person, i thought it was strange and of course, it caught my attention instantly.

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    My skin kills notes very quickly, especially the inside of my wrists. I have to put it on the backs of my hands to make it last. However, I have been quite pleased (and sometimes displeased) at the way my clothing collects fragrance. My bathrobe smelled like Montale Aouds for days.
    On the other hand, this poor winter coat of mine smells like a fragrance counter with a thousand different spritzes. I can hardly wear it in the car with other people. I have to hang it outside today to try and erase them.

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