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    Default How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    I know that it is commonly agreed that the weather / climate that you living has a great influence upon what you perfumes you prefer but I am wondering just how strong an influence this is for you? Or do any of you find yourself veering in the opposite direction to the 'accepted' seasonal favourites?

    On a more serious, deeper level I am wondering whether the commercial / mainstream focus on fruity floral / fresh aqueous perfumes is a reflection of the very real results of global warming....?

    The last few days I have found myself craving lighter floral perfumes - the type that I usually only reach for in spring. Which is not exactly the best scents for the middle of winter. It should be noted that the weather has been quite bright and mild so it won't be due to a craving for spring time, I don't think. I have actually found myself unsettled by the clement weather as I associate this time of year with the cold and my rich winter scents.

    Oddly though, I have discovered that although I enjoy my lighter florals and eaux during clement spring weather, I tend to prefer deeper leather, woody or chypre scents during summer heat, rather than the more common citrus or marine scents!??!
    This last summer it was not AG Eau D'Hadrien, CL Bazar or TBS Satsuma that I reached for but Dana Chantilly, Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant and Estee Lauder Youth Dew! And frankly I'd do it again...

    Today the temperature has dropped dramatically and we have snow! It is snowing as I type, and I have 'rediscovered' a perfume that I thought I would not wear again. The first time I discovered YSL Nu EDP it was true love, but for most of this year I have been unable to wear it. Even this autumn, which is when I usually reach for it, I was horrified to find that it smelled like peppered pencil shavings on me - not the rich incensy woods I remembered. Well today all is right again, with the warmth and richness tantalising my nostrils and warming the cockles of my heart. Thank G*d for snow and low temperatures.

    What are your thoughts / preferences?
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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Hi Moondeva, its wonderful that you've found a good reason to be so cheerful about the frosty weather!!
    Personally, I find that I tend to go in the opposite direction of the usual 'seasonal' choices. During the winter months I love to use fresh or fruity florals because they remind me of summer! I do sometimes use spicy, warm fragrances when its cold out, but I definitely get more pleasure out of using the 'summery' scents. When the weather is warmer I do like to keep it light and fresh during the day, but come the summer nights I'm drawn to my Orientals! I think this really has to do with the fact that Orientals make me feel sexy, as does the heat and holiday atmosphere of summer, so they seem like appropriate fragrance choices for that time of year.

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    I too am unsettled by the mild weather we are experiencing, Moondeva, and gave three cheers when it finally snowed here.
    I seem to follow the seasonal protocol of rich, spicy blends for colder weather and light, citrusy or flowery blends for warmer weather. I can't wear Opium in warmer weather at all. It needs to be really cold before I can get away with the tiniest spritz.
    There are some fragrances (many in fact) that manage to cross over. For instance, today I am wearing SL Rahat Loukoum and it's very comforting and cozy for this chilly day. I can also see it being very sexy on a warm summer night.
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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    I spend so much time indoors in artificially controlled environments that climate has little effect on my fragrance choice. In the hottest, most humid summer heat I go for something fresh and light, like l'eau d'Hadrien. I wore my Jean Nate concentrated cologne alot in spring and summer. But I also love the way orientals, chypres and lush tropical scents bloom in summer warmth. Maybe not when I'm standing under a blazing sun, though. Cold, sharp winter weather makes florals soar and sing. For example, I love YSL's Paris edt in cold crisp weather. Generally, lately, I'm loving very fresh, green or floral, or marine fragrances, whatever time of year it is. I seem to go the opposite direction in my tastes than many. I'm about 10 to 15 years late to the Marine party, I think. They do make me crave the beach. Yesterday, we went to the beach for a walk but nearly froze to death. It was still great.

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Moondeva, as usual you are so onto something with that conclusion! I know that right now, since it's very cold and windy out there [b[I NEED[/b] soothing, warm and cozy fragrances. It just so happens that Orientals and Gourmands which I find to be all those things are my favorite groups of fragrances anyway, and I am up to wearing them anytime, but right now I NEED THEM to keep sane and smiling!
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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Three cheers for winter weather. I hope Mother Nature prevails. And I hope that people wise up and believe the warnings about air pollution. Sometimes we are at the mercy of technology. How long have we been waiting for alternative energy to emerge? And fuel-cell technology, which will revolutionize the efficiency of finite fuels?
    I have a "rotation" on my perfumes, with one fragrance sequeing gently into the next, therefore, I am less at the mercy of weather than other people. Plus, my collection has alot of shared notes, consisting mainly of chypres and woody types of Orientals. One time I wore Youth Dew to a summer barbeque. I hope I did not offend anyone with my heavy, sensual, sweetness. But then, dessert had alot of cinnamon it it, so why not?

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    The seasons make a BIG difference for me, and the family it affects most is chypres.
    I made the mistake of sampling a group of chypres/orientals last spring and was disappointed in many. The chypres were ashy, dry, rough and cold. Some of the orientals were loud and brassy.
    I tried them later, not in autumn when temps were still above freezing, but after the freezing weather settled in. The difference was incredible. These morose fragrances blossomed, and became rich, deep, complex and decidedly sweeter. Many orientals seem to celebrate the holiday season, as if they resonate with the spirit.
    Last week, during a cold spell (-30F, or -34C I believe), what I avidly sought were the warming fragrances. I wore Splash Forte while outside, which is warming without the powder of its (tmn) kissing cousin, Musc Ravageur, which was also special during this time. Cold air can make some spices thin and flat, which is what happened to Spezie by Lorenzo Villoresi (a spice that smells vivacious and great in summer). It just sort of curled up its toes and retreated.
    First by Van Cleef and Arpel, which I dismissed last spring, seemed especially notable around Christmas time, and wears well with wool, for some reason. Opone is at its finest in cold weather, my fragrance of choice for flights of the imagination. I don't seem to crave it much in summer, interesting because I see it as an equatorial hot air and spice, almost inertial fragrance. I guess that is the void it's filling in my January mood.
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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Hi Moondeva,

    I choose spicier, amber-y, woody things for cold weather. Orientals, vanillics, woods and spice, deep amber bases, tobacco and leather. I love the way a spicy oriental slinks out from under my layers as I take off my jacket, gloves, scarf, etc.

    I will have to answer this question again as the warmer weather approaches. In warmer months, I have tended to go without or lighter scents with citrus, florals, fruits, and amber (seems seasonless, really), but I will be trying out different things this year.

    I do like how temperature modulates a scent, so I would probably choose frags that work "to best advantage" for me, depending on climate.
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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    I seem to crave lighter florals as the weather gets colder, and have only just started to wear what are considered winter fragrances. I also have started wearing Nu again; it is just perfect at the moment! So is Royal Secret. However I agree with sherrie11 that some heavy orientals 'bloom' in the heat of summer; Habanita for example. I also found Tolu an excellent hot weather scent.

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Last winter seemed never-ending and by January 2006 I was wearing light summery scents (Mure et Musc, Nica, La Chasse) to break the winter blahs. By summer I was wearing Nu, Vanisia & L'Heure Bleue in heavy rotation because the heat really helped them bloom. Fall came and my leather kick started...and is still going strong. I'm waiting for some bitter cold to kick to really enjoy the warming I get from Addict, Cocoon & Femme.

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Yes, the weather, for the most part, had been oddly balmy right up until this past week in the Northeastern part of the USA. It had put a lot of my richer, stronger fragrances on hold. Some fragrances, like Boucheron's Inital, I won't wear unless the weather is really quite frigid.

    I find most of my real seasonal choices happen around the change of seasons- most notably I tend to wear Feminite du Bois A Lot in the autumn. Sometimes it's the only fragrance I really want to wear that time of year. I do wear it at other times of the year too, but not like I do in the autumn. Bulgari pour Femme is the same way, but in the springtime. In some ways even more so as I usually don't wear it much in any other season. But there again, it gets lots of use in the spring.

    Occassionally in the winter I will wear a few summer faves- Eau de Patou if I'm feeling I need a citrus boost and Baby Doll can be quite nice on a dark, February day.

    Coco, Shalimar, Kai, and Intense Tiare I wear year round though- no matter what the weather. Coco parfum is especially good when the weather gets steamy. These I can successfully wear to bed too as they don't tend to keep me awake- some scents actually do keep me awake I've found.

    Summer I like to wear drops of rich scents- rich florals really do it for me then- Jil Sander No 4 is really wonderful on a warm rainy day, and I like the Montales then as well as some rich Madini soliflorals. I do wear lighter stuff too and find I can only wear Manifesto in the summer as it's so thin and lacking personality at other times of the year.

    With me perfume is all about mood and certainly different seasons create different types of moods.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    My wearing of scents usually seems to match the seasons. This autumn

    and winter I have been rotating Feminite du Bois with Cinnabar, Cocoon,

    Roma and Shalimar. They seem to warm me up internally and mentally.

    In the spring I turn towards my lighter, floral scents : Jardins de Bagatelle,

    Un Jardin Clos, Ivoire and Cabotine.

    Come the summer months I crave citrussy, hesperides like Eau Sauvage,

    O de Lancome, Eau de Rochas and Comme une Evidence.

    The only scents I can wear all year long are Cristobal, Rive Gauche and

    Iris Poudre.

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    I prefer lighter scents in summer - Belles de Ricci is my main summer scent with its fresh tomato/raspberry notes, but in winter I tend to wear Mitsouko or Angel. Angel is the olfactory equivalent of comfort food!

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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Thank you, all, for sharing your exepriences! This thread made me finally decide to get myself Coco by Chanel. It seems like this wonderful frag is working all year around, and that is something I want from a perfume. Of course I will find out myself, but you guys made it easier for me to dare to try this one! I do believe it is a gem!
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    Default Re: How does the Weather Affect Your Preferences in Perfume?

    Hi Moondeva

    I don't follow the seasons so much with perfume only that I can get away with wearing a little more when it's cold.

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