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    Default shoes to wear with clubbing-type sportcoat

    I'm considering picking up one of those sharp 2 button blazers, probably charcoal, from Express and was wondering what shoes I'd wear with it.

    I could probably pull off the casual asics, with distressed jeans and a t shirt. If I went with a collared shirt and nicer pants, I'd probably want to go with my oxford kenneth coles, huh?

    Can't pass up the clearance sale. It will cost about fifty bucks. Already got a beautiful pair of houndstooth pants for twenty bucks!
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    Default Re: shoes to wear with clubbing-type sportcoat

    If you go with jeans and a blazer, then your KC oxfords should fit the bill.

    As a side note, I always wear jeans to a club unless it's an upscale one. In that case, slacks or corduroys would be more appropriate.

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    Default Re: shoes to wear with clubbing-type sportcoat

    I really appreciate this forum. Interesting one.

    With blazer, t-shirt and jean I always love to wear boots.

    check out " Caterpillar Brown Colt Steel ", which I ordered through "".

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