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    Default Beginner: Cologne Advice (Any Advice/Suggestions Is Appreciated!)

    I am in highschool and recently have taken an interest to cologne. Not knowing anything about cologne I have purchased: Perry Elis - Reserve, CK - one, Banana Republic - Modern, Burberry - Brit (for Men). I was just wondering if you guys could give me some opinions on the colognes i have purchased and recommendations for some future purchases. Also, I would appreciate it if you guys could clue me on some basics as in how to choose a quality cologne and one that also suits me personally, what body oil affects, where to apply, etc... T
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    Default Re: Beginner: Cologne Choice, Body Oil Effects, Where to Spray?!?!

    I think you've made good choices. I don't imagine Burberry Brit is too common for teenage boys. That's a good man's scent, regardless of age, and hits the right note between casual savoir faire and restrained cool. I like it.

    I don't know what the guys will tell you about spraying but generally it's best to spray to places where body heat congregates: back of knees and crooks of elbow, wrists and neck (pulse points), chest, and there's the ever popular "cloud walk through" where you spray a few times in the air, wait for the droplets to fall to the right level, and walk through it, diffusing the scent over your body.

    Everyone will tell you different amounts to spray. Some say 1 or 2, others 6 or 8. You really have to experiment to see what works for you and your chemistry. Maybe start with four: one shared between wrists, one to chest, two to neck (maybe one to belly if you're feeling crazy that day) and see how it goes.
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