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    Lightbulb day to day chemistry observation

    Heh, coincidentally, the fragrance that has lead to the following observation is Chemistry by Clinique. Yes, it's a men's frag, but I think it's very nice. The opening is citrus (mostly lime, and a ripe, not bitter one at that), with Jamaican ginger in the middle on an amber base. It's simple, linear, but I liked it so much yesterday that I wore it again today (and have decided it's a really good office scent; no-nonsense and different).

    But today it is wearing TOTALLY differently on me, as in, there's almost nothing left to smell and I'm only a few hours into my day.

    So what is different? Well for starters, I had two glasses of wine last night that kinda knocked me out. I didn't get as much sleep as I should have and I'm a wee bit hung over. I'm feeling groggy and sort of blah.

    Yesterday it wore beautifully on me, lasting well into evening. The day before yesterday, I did not work out, had no alcohol, ate rather light, and (oh yah...maybe worth mentioning I'm on day 3 of my period now) got to bed at a reasonable hour. What a difference a day makes. My guess is the combo of wine + menstrual cycle has made it one day a long-lasting serene scent, the next a lightweight almost sour scent.

    Has anyone else noted any marked day to day changes in how a frag wears on you? Had I not decided to wear Chemistry again today, I might have not noted these differences.
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    Default Re: day to day chemistry observation

    I absolutely notice skin chemistry changes. When it's cold and dryer, I just put on more moisterizer, (perfumed of course). After having gone through the change, I can no long wear florals. They just kind of disappear and I don't want to wear strong florals. Then day to day depending on what I eat.

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