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    Question Perfume oil COPIES??

    This is text I copied from an ebay store:

    "Why pay department store fragrances for your favorite perfumes. You are only paying for the fancy packaging and box. Fragrances can not be trademarked only the name. Once you try perfume oils you will not pay another dime for the real thing. Noone will be able to tell the difference they will think you are paying hundreds of dollars to smell so awesome.

    Our perfume oil is pure PERFUME OIL! No additives or dilutions. They are exact duplications of the trademark perfumes. Guaranteed you will not be able to tell the difference. We have been selling these perfume oils for years in our retail store and wholesale and we have customers that refuse to buy their oil anywhere else! "

    Are such oils worth buying? I am VERY skeptical of such. What do you more experienced shoppers and sniffers say?

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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    I bought a couple perfume oil copies a long time ago from ebay. They didn't smell like the original AT ALL. And, the oil reacted badly with my skin.
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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    Are such oils worth buying? I am VERY skeptical of such. What do you more experienced shoppers and sniffers say?

    I have yet to find ANY generic product come close to the origional..if that were the case there would be no shelf life for some origionals that have been around 50+ years..and still selling with the best named products...

    old spice comes to mind..not expensive by any means..but a stable seller and sure it has been copied by the "quick & dirty" as with many other well known frags..but for some reason the copies dont last and they fold shop as fast as a "going out of business" store...

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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    As far as I'm concerned, 95% of the name brand fragrances are direct copies or heavily influenced by other fragrances. So the Ebay people saying that their fragrance is "inspired by" is refreshingly honest. Many of these sellers will sell you some inexpensive samples. I would judge them as being a unique fragrance with their own qualities rather then how closely them match the fragrance they are inspired by. I've gotten a few and have been happy with them. I don't think any of them will be a favorite but for a low cost, every day fragrance, I think that they have something to offer. But if you want something which smells exactly like say Gucci Envy, then get Gucci Envy and don't bother with the inspired by. They will typically be similar but not exact.

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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    I tried a Capecod Creative oil dupe of kai, wrist to wrist with the real thing. It was SO WEIRD, because if I sniffed the rollers they smelled kinda similiar. On my skin, the dupe was strange and odd, not good. It was a WTF moment. How can this be??? I took a nap, and woke up to a dupe wrist and flinched. Nasty rancid oil. Sniffed my other wrist and it was divine, kai. I've kept it for curiosity's sake.

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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    From my experience - not in response to oil but EDT/EDP.

    I come from the country side and was introduced to fragrance only when starting working as a waiter in an upmarket restaurant in 1996. At the time I "met" Escape and A*men - my very first, and also much loved after all these years. (I intend to do a thread on both sometime soon).

    When I moved to the city in 1999, I walked into a perfume shop (the only one nationwide at the time) that said they sell the exact perfume/fragrance, only not in the branded bottle. My first reaction was to ignore. After about 2 years I saw the same store just popping up everywhere. I decided to do a test - A*men of course, and then Escape.

    I was pleasantly surprised - A*men was the exact same, when compared to the 100ml refillable bottle I had at home. (I think for my un-educated nose, after years of wearing this scent I should be able to tell the difference I hope.)

    I got sceptical after testing Escape, only to realise later that it was the female version the sales assistant (!) sprayed on me.

    BUT, needless to say, I've also seen many shops selling the "original" but for many unawares it just that - a pure fake.
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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    I work with FO Dupes a lot in soap and bath items.
    They are mostly what they say they are. Dupes. Some better and some totally noseblind. I guess comparing them with a real good classy perfume is comparing a car shaped chocolate with a Rolls Royce.
    FOs often smell a lot different out of the bottle than they will, once in soaps or lotions. They should not get applied on skin undiluted. Mixing them with a good oil at 2 - 4 % rate would be a way. Cyclomethicone would work also and make a good carrier for a spray.

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    Default Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    I don't admit this publicly, but I've bought quite a few of these. Oh oh, I guess I admitted it! I have maybe 20 of these, having went on a binge awhile ago. Some of them really are good. I bought male and female items, so to speak. But as to how accurate they are, it varies, despite all their claims to the contrary.

    The party line of these is that chemical analysis is used to duplicate the scent. So you would think that they would be uniformly excellent. Some of them are quite close, and could indeed fool someone who wasn't highly sensitive. But some really aren't so hot.

    Why are some better than others? I imagine this scenario: Let's say you do gas chromatography on Chanel 999, and you find that one element is something that is extremely rare and expensive, ambergris or the like. But you (the manufacturer) have a low price-point you have to meet. So you're not going to use ambergris, period. But you know that Substance 445 and Chemical 552 smell like ambergris if you mix them, at least sort of. So you go with that.

    With oils, it seems to me that you may lose the subtlety of the drydown, and the three-dimensional quality of the perfume. But I do like some of them, and am happy to wear them. And even if they're no good, you're only out a few bucks.

    For comparison, let's say you have a really high-quality photo of something or someone. It really looks very good. But then you see the real thing in person, and you get the full effect. I think it's something like that. PM me if you'd like some details.

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    Smile Re: Perfume oil COPIES??

    I love essential oils, such as Sandalwood, Almond, Jasmine, Orange, patchouli, Musk, etc. If they are real and a good concentration, I like to sometimes add them to something. If you ever do find a perfume oil that smells as good as the real perfume or EDP, please let me know. I have searched a lot. Sometimes if I want something let's say like Chanel 5, I might pick up the perfumed oil and wear it awhile to sort of test drive it. But if I do end up liking it, I know I will enjoy the real EDP even better.

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