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    Default Australian Creed Help Required

    To all the people on the board

    Can you possibly give me a quick (I know its not easy) description and opinion of the following Creed scents? And if anyone living in Australia can let me know where to aquire them?


    Bois de Portugal


    Spring Flowers
    Love in White

    Thank you in advance for any contributions.


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    Default Re: Australian Creed Help Required

    Hi Snake,

    There is only one place I know of in Aus to buy Creed - Harrolds Menswear in Syd and Mel. They have a limited range (GIT, Tab Mill, Himalaya, a few others) and are at RRP (>$200 for a 125mL).

    You'd probably be better off buying it from a reputable e-tailor - many can be had for A$100 / US $80 for a big 125mL bottle. My favourite male Creeds would be BdP, GIT, Tabarome Millesime and Vintage Tabarome. Unfortunately only GIT and TM (along with Himalaya, Original Vetiver, Santal and a few others) are available cheap on the net. There are some ebay retailers that ship to Australia and are quite reliable - Fragrance Express is one I have used. If you search Creed on US ebay, just look for one of the big stores that has thousands of positive recommendations and you should be fine.

    If you'd like more detailed description of any frag, try the reviews in the directory - they are indespensible.

    BdP is my favourite Creed - a creamy spicy wood which is described here as very formal, but because of it's smoothness, I think it has a sexy quality and can be worn semi-formally / socially also. BdP is VERY hard to get on the net or in Aus.

    Epicea I have never smelt but is apparently pine based

    Efolfa is a nice aquatic, good quality, but if you are spending a lot on Creed, I'd go for something which is distinctly "expensive" and unique

    Personally I was disappointed with the women's Creeds when I smelt them all on a trip to USA. Both of the ones you mention smelled to me like many other designer frags - they seemed to have some cheap fruity qualities. I did not analyse them in depth, but I was shopping for my wife and I do take a keen interest in her perfumes. I'd prefer Malle or Lutens for gorgeous, unique, high quality female frags (especially the florals!)
    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

    Summer Rotation: GIT, Aventus, Erolfa, Vetiver 1948, Guerlain Vetiver, Malle VE, Terre d'Hermes, Bvlgari PH, Bvlgari Acqua, Habit Rouge EDC and Sport, ADP Colonia Assoluta, Chanel PMC, Dunhill Edition, Eau Sauvage, TF Azure Lime

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    Default Re: Australian Creed Help Required

    Hi Aussie Snake1!

    Good luck finding Creed (or many other quality scents) in Australia! Ged is correct - on-line sellers are your best bet. From my research, somewhere around (AU) $100 - 150 for 75 - 120 ml is a reasonable price, but they vary.

    As for the smells:

    Epicea - Piney. Think a more deeper (and expensive) Polo.

    Erolfa - Briney. Can't compare it to anything else - and I haven't worn it very often - but to my nose, it is unique.

    BdP - an incredible scent! Definately a favourite - deep, rich, dry, spicy, and so many layers! Unapologetically masculine. One reviewer commented that "it makes me feel like a million bucks." Bingo. Better in winter, I suspect. (So you have time to save up.)

    As for the women's I haven't tried any. (My money tree died.)

    Good luck!


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    Default Re: Australian Creed Help Required


    I found this Australian site with some Creeds for sale.

    Anyone know it's reputation?

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    Default Re: Australian Creed Help Required

    Quote Originally Posted by Snake1

    I found this Australian site with some Creeds for sale.

    Anyone know it's reputation?
    They have some odd pricings on the Creeds, GIT being the cheapest. I've never used them so I can't help.

    I've bought Creed stuff from when they were cheaper than they are now, but unfortunately they don't have the stuff you want currently in stock (though they used to).

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    Cool Re: Australian Creed Help Required

    This site appears to ship worldwide and has all creeds!


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