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    Default Jovan Musk Revisited...

    I don't know how most people actually feel about Jovan Musk, although I take it for granted that most people are familiar with it.
    It was the very first perfume I fell in love with (I was about 14), because when my grandmother bought a bottle of it for my mother and she refused to wear it, I took it over as my own. I was enchanted by the fact that it smelled so different from my mother's usual perfumes (Orientals and Chypres in the form of Opium, Youth Dew, Givenchy III, Ysatis) and so different from the perfumes I was used to encountering. I thought it was absolutely amazing with its animalic, rusty, musty, addictive quality! Today I'm not sure how I feel about this perfume, but it still arouses my curiousity. I am not as confident about wearing the stuff as I once was - it seems too loud and obvious. Yet I still get a kick out of sniffing it and I still admire how unique it is! I'm just curious about what what people generally feel about this perfume, but especially those of you who have so much experience with more exquisite perfumes. Please give me your views.
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    I love Jovan musk oil. I don't have it at the moment, but if I see it in the drugstore I will grab one up. The oil is not so easy to find anymore. I've never worn the cologne spray, so can't comment on that. I currently have Bonnie Belle Skin and Alyssa Ashley musk oils, but I don't like either one of those as much as I like good old Jovan. I think it's great stuff.

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